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Until You Are Home Again

uploaded: Tue, Jun 22, 2010 @ 9:57 PM
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So I guess my writer’s block is a little bit broken anyway. I started singing the verses to this on my way back from lunch today and had to scrawl the lyrics in a notebook for fear that I would forget them…that hasn’t happened in awhile! Anyway, this one just sort of fell out of me. I apologize for any white noise or erratic tempos in the recording, this was played and sung at the same time, but I kind of liked the organic-ness that it gave the vocals so I left it. The piano part is awful and therefore I’m not posting it here because I think you guys will come up with something better than me and anyway, it’s going to get a lot more work. I’m just so excited that I’m out of my black hole (at least partially) so I decided to come here and spam you all. :)

Lyrics, for those who can’t understand me:

By the time you’ve got it figured out, it’s too late
And the last thing that you’ll hear is wordless sound.
Everything unravels and you miss him once again
And your eyes are closed before you hit the ground.
When the papers came, they said the world was ending
So we packed up all our things and headed north.
Hung the feathers up to dry out when we got home,
Told the angels we don’t need them anymore.

And it took so long
To untie all the knots that we had made in everything.
It was so wrong
that there was nothing left inside him by the time we had it figured out.

It’s too late.
And the pictures that we kept are faded grey.
When our fathers brought the sheep in it was screaming.
I never thought I’d hear such sounds from its throat.

And it took so long
to pick up the things the children left behind them when they ran.
I was so wrong
to believe that we could change the world, I understand it now.

When the fruit tres shed their blossoms for the winter
and the sun casts rainbows over fields of snow,
tell my lover I’ll be waiting in the alley
Under telegraph wires bowed beneath the crows.
And when August comes and doesn’t bring the sun in,
we will set out tubs to catch the falling rain.
I will wash myself in water full of ozone,
and watch the horizon until you are home again.

"Until You Are Home Again"
by jacindae

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