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Beginnings and Endings (Measure of a Soul Mix)

uploaded: Tue, Jul 8, 2008 @ 12:12 AM
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“And so at last I have turned into the forties. I remember now how
heedlessly I had remarked a small brisk clock ticking upon the shelf
as it counted the seconds—paying out to me, as it were, for my
pleasure and expense, the brief coinage of my life. I had heard, also,unmindful of the warning, a tall and solemn clock as I lay awake, marking regretfully the progress of the night. And I had been told that water runs always beneath the bridge, that the deepest roses fade, that Time’s white beard keeps growing to his knee. These phrases of wisdom I had heard and others. But what mattered them to me when my long young life lay stretched before me? Nor did the revolving stars concern me—nor the moon, spring with its gaudy brush, nor gray-clad winter. Nor did I care how the wind blew the swift seasons across the
earth. Let Time’s horses gallop, I cried. Speed! The bewildering peaks
of youth are forward. The inn for the night lies far across the

But the seconds were entered on the ledger. At last the gray penman
has made his footing. The great page turns. I have passed out of the thirties”—Charles Stephen Brooks, PD

Recently I enjoyed remixing Ditto Ditto’s Histoire de Rien over at http;// Barbarella’s sung vocal on that song is so exquisite—vulnerable and touching—that I enjoyed very much remixing a “sung” vocal.

If you’ve not remixed at remixfight, I suggest that the upcoming remix contest, in which one is to write songs to accompany spoken word tracks of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, is a chance to make a song and perhaps to help some worthwhile words spread virally in the way our remixes do.

Notwitstanding my enjoyment of doing a more traditional remix over at remixfight, I must say that I enjoy the best remixing the unadorned spoken word. I find a musicality in the cadences of words and in their simple intonation that
a lovely sung vocal does not necessarily provide. I also have the bias that a sung melody dictates to me what I must do with it, while I prefer the more indvidual path a spoken word track provides me.

I am very grateful to Loveshadow and Essesq for providing new spoken word tracks, which I find inspiring. I upload here my remix of essesq’s piece. The sounds here are powered in large part by a synth-sequenced child’s bathtub toy called a water flute.

I think a lot about beginnings and endings, and how eternal life is a moment by moment experience lived within each millisecond.

"Beginnings and Endings (Measure of a Soul Mix)"
by gurdonark

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