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well, man.. (ceci n'est pas un remix)

uploaded: Mon, Mar 22, 2010 @ 12:58 PM
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This is not a remix for sure, this is a real work in progress, with barely acceptable sound and really lacking composition.. I have no excuse except forgetting my external HD somewhere, and losing a great part of this project. So, this is not a remix, it’s a work in progress I’m going to care in the next future, because I’ve just discovered a new favourite artist in here, and I’d love to show him what I think he deserve :)

So, ladies and gentleman, make your ears ready because you’re going to listen a complete unmixed, unbalanced, raw idea from my confused mind (waiting for a better mixdown, at least..). Wellman, hermano, I beg your pardon, and please let me work out the missing part of it, I’m going to re-up the whole thing soon!

(This shoud have a Not Safe For Ears tag.. :-)

"well, man.. (ceci n'est pas un remix)"
by gmz

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