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Laying orange Jelly under my Apple Tree

uploaded: Sat, Apr 9, 2011 @ 4:50 PM last modified: Sun, Apr 10, 2011 @ 3:00 AM  (replace)
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another rhythm track that showed no progress until i found YOU and it worked with Hm
the lyrics reminded me of (somehow, even though it’s a different story):

Remembering Marie A
(by Bertolt Brecht)

On that day in the blue moon september
Quietly under a young plum tree there
I held her, the silent, pallid beloved
In my arm as like a lovely dream.
And above us in the comely summer sky
A cloud, that I saw for long
It was very white and immensely high above
And when I looked up, it was not there anymore.

Since that day many many moons have
Swum silently down and faded
The plum trees are perhaps chopped
And you ask, what it was with the love?
Then I tell you: I cannot remember.
And yet, of course, I do know what you mean
But her face, I do not know anymore
I only know: I once kissed it.

And the kiss, too, I would have long forgotten
If the cloud had not been there.
This I still remember well and always will
It was very white and came from high up.
The plum trees maybe are still blooming
And this woman may now have her seventh child
But that cloud flowered only for minutes
And when I looked up, it was vanishing in the wind.

"Laying orange Jelly under my Apple Tree"
by annabloom

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