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DNA and GMO In Plain English. Do Not Alter. God Mode Only.

uploaded: Sun, Jun 14, 2015 @ 1:57 AM last modified: Sun, Jun 14, 2015 @ 1:58 AM  (add)
byAndrew Wainwright
FeaturingJeffSpeed68, various
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Some new lyrics about life, toast, ghosts and stuff. Original track called “Threshold”

back to rehab
was it my mistake
or just a f**ked up world
a severed head of state

someone has to unsmoke
every cancer stick
and deal with the damage done
by ever pompous pr**k

the tears that we cried
and the patients we tried
drop a browser tab of acid
take yourself for a ride
take yourself for a trip
and find out that everybody’s died

and the fish that was caught
it grew bigger by the hour
and the walls have ears
through the innocent wallflower
but the innocent have died
in every nazi genocide
churchill’s darkest hour
when they backed the other side

even the devil is bankrupt now
as he bought up souls
no-one had to sell

from the meek and mild
to the poor and weak
who’s laughing at who
freak show punter or freak
who’s side are you on
the attack or defence
we’re calm in the eye of the storm,
‘cos we sit on the fence

so keep to your script
it’s a boring old plot
where the bad guys make money
and the good guys get shot
yet no-one believes
what you’ve done seen and thought
‘cos it isn’t the way that the government taught

and no febreeze or flash
takes the dirt off their cash
whilst your children get molested
they’ll bust you for hash

and we don’t like to talk
about the story of pork
every meat is the same
‘cos it’s just a food chain

so do not adjust
do not alter
stay true to yourself
ask your mates if you falter
GMO means God Mode Only
not a fairytale prince
and his my little pony

so where are hippies
where are the punks
consigning the secrets and lies to the junk
where are the rebels
and the guys who ask why
what you afraid of when you can’t even die?

"DNA and GMO In Plain English. Do Not Alter. God Mode Only."
by Andrew Wainwright

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Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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