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Stems from my song “Altar”, featured on my album “Fen”. Listen here.

Sinister, experimental, sultry vocals.


A sacrifice seduced
For the altar of
Your vanity

A jealous, hungry god
Craving praises
Of profanity

With bedroom
Darkened eyen
And a deep mouth
Stained with wine
It drinks
Its fill

It was your mothers
Not your brothers
That agreed
To feed you
This egregious
Lack of choice in
Deeds deemed fit
To join your voice in
With lies disguised as prizes
Of reason and wisdom
With briberies of finery
To weaken any criticism

Can the fly invade
The blossom that
Devours it?

A mouth that lies in wait
For a gift of life
To shower it

Or is it
So entranced
That’s it drawn into
A dance
It can’t
Ever hope to understand

You’re roaming
Fueled on loathing
A wolf in sheep’s clothing
Hunger growing
Fluids flowing
Knowing nothing
But upholding
The law
That concedes
Your need to feed
To see them bleed
To steal their seed
To be your greed
Your ego’s freed
Took a shine to the wine
To confine your mind
Trying to climb down your spine
With a plea to breed

Bend them
(The questions you’ve been asking
Point to fears you have been masking)
Rend them
(Your movements and motions
Are revealing strong emotions)
Bend them
(Your posturing and posing
Cannot hide what you’re exposing)
Rend them
Play Altar

by Zutsuri

2017 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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