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Commons Icaro

uploaded: Wed, May 24, 2006 @ 7:30 PM
byValis System A
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An “icaro” provides sonic programming and healing for the ecodelic experiences enabled by yage and other plant adjuncts. “Yage” ( “ayahuasca”, “hoasca”, “Gaiahuasca”, “mamahuasca”, “Mama”) is one name for a plant admixture (“remix”) prepared for millenia by scientists of the Upper Amazon. Icaros provide sonic handholds for navigating the domains of ayahuasca, and they do so by calling on the yage drinker’s attention and participation. In my own investigations, The “Yage Camera” focuses our attention on the cosmic commons, our interconnection with all living systems composing our evolutionary matrix, the entirety of all that is whose unfolding we have begun, fitfully, to behold as we become dimly aware of the sound of one ice sheet cracking. I offer this “Commons Icaro” for the commons itself, so that we might all begin to participate in the commons and learn from what the ayahuasca has helped teach many of us with its “Yage Camera” while we respond in joy to our planetary obligations. DJ TallyEssence, Aka Valis System A

"Commons Icaro"
by Valis System A

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