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French Cigarette

uploaded: Sun, Jul 6, 2008 @ 5:56 PM
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An overdue remix!

I had a lot of versions on the original tempo at 124 bpm as well as halftime tempo at 62 bpm.
I couldn_t decide and waited again and again for new inspiration or ideas how to go on.
But then, Eureka! Why not combining both tempi? So I turned the arrangement in the second half to the original tempo by using the nice drums of the original track. Thanks Spin, for making the programming for me.
And so I hammered on my keyboard till I found a few chords. It_s C and F, despite of a few go through chords. Simple!
I wanted it to be a happy music track.
But first I pitched the whole vocals for a halftone. The reason therefore was, Spinmeister already made some vocal fx on the backvocs. I liked this and wanted to have it a bit more artificial, like the choirs in very old films from the 30s.
The little solo at the end is done again in good tradition of companionship with some alcoholics, in this case some Beck_s beer!
And yes the smoking sounds, it_s me, but don_t worry, I stopped smoking a while ago, but can remember still very good the procedure of lighting the cigarette and inhaling the smoke :-)

"French Cigarette"
by TheJoe

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