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Straight to the Light (the gratitude mix)

uploaded: Thu, Oct 23, 2014 @ 12:00 AM last modified: Wed, Oct 22, 2014 @ 8:45 PM  (add)
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I could not say this better than Emily said it.

In taking up Snowflake’s remix challenge, as well as thinking about some of my favorite songs at ccMixter, I was brought back to her song Straight to the Light which has deep personal meaning for me. I don’t yet have the skill set to really remix a melodic vocal, so it was simpler to cover it, giving me the opportunity to get inside some truly beautiful lyrics.

I was having a hard time sharing this because, quite frankly, I am intimidated by Snowflake. She is an extraordinarily gifted singer and an accomplished musician. But she has inspired me a lot. And she has taught me a lot. And she has been a really good friend to me as I have been going through some hard times in the past year or so.

I kept Snowflake’s chord progression in mind, although I did some interpreting (i.e., changing an Am to a Cmaj7 in places).

Included are dry guitar and vocal stems. Guitar stems line up with each other. Vocal stems line up with each other. But guitars and vocals may not line up with each other (badly bounced — sorry). I processed the heck out of all of my stems in order to minimize flaws — if for any reason you want the processed stems, hit me up.

Contents of ZIP Archive: sttl dry stems flac

  • /vox harmony2.flac (6.86MB)
  • /vox lead.flac (8.17MB)
  • /guitar.dup1_02.flac (5.84MB)
  • /guitar.dup2_02.flac (5.71MB)
  • /vox harmony1.flac (7.78MB)

"Straight to the Light (the gratitude mix)"
by SackJo22

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