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My Open Heart

uploaded: Wed, Jan 15, 2014 @ 11:06 PM last modified: Wed, Jan 15, 2014 @ 8:05 PM  (replace)
FeaturingHaskel Joseph on Guitar
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UPDATE: I re-recorded the main vocal, and Haskel added a slide guitar part. (Stem will be uploaded soon on his page.)

My Open Heart, a prayer of gratitude, is the closing song from the PRAYER song cycle. (You can learn more about PRAYER here.)

While the song is essentially in a two-part harmony, there are a ton of parts at the tag as I sang each part three times — my interpretation of a campfire sing along! Haskel’s guitar stems are uploaded on his page.

All of the PRAYER remixes will be collected in a playlist that will be featured on my website, and in our social media. At our preview performance in LA on February 8, we will have the playlist streaming for a good part of the evening as it will be a big ol’ party (and you, of course, are welcome to join us!).


Yes, there is grace when you have an open heart
when you let yourself be moved by the world around you
I give you my open heart

When I am faced with darkness and disaster
When everything I knew seemed to slip away
I give you my open heart

Oh fill me up
Oh fill me up
Let me see the beauty in the light and in the pain
I give you my open heart
Fill me up again

Basically: C/Am/G/F in various combinations

Contents of ZIP Archive: main vox flac

  • /openheart.16 VOX 1 REDUX.flac (6.81MB)
  • /openheart VOX 2.flac (8.24MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: tag vox flac

  • /openheart VOX TAG HEART 2.flac (4.71MB)
  • /openheart VOX TAG HEART 3.flac (4.72MB)
  • /openheart VOX TAG FILL ME UP.flac (5.46MB)
  • /openheart VOX TAG GRACE 1.flac (5.64MB)
  • /openheart VOX TAG GRACE 2.flac (5.72MB)
  • /openheart VOX TAG GRACE 3.flac (5.75MB)
  • /openheart VOX TAG HEART 1.flac (4.72MB)

"My Open Heart"
by SackJo22

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