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The Wind of Love

uploaded: Sat, Jun 1, 2013 @ 6:01 PM last modified: Sun, Jun 2, 2013 @ 10:23 AM  (add)
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New love is a splendid thing!

For Snowflake and Patronski. Mazal Tov!

Many special thanks to Copperhead who sent me the music to start with and contributed some great harmonic ideas and worked his ears off making adjustments. His production is awesome!

I’ve uploaded the dry stems as produced by Copperhead. If you use these stems, please include him in any attribution/credit. I also have uploaded the original stems that I sent to him during the course of this project. There a sickening amount of parts… .


Lift me up, rise like a kite
in the sweet sunshine, in the morning light
pick me up, my heart soars above
on the wind of love

This ain’t no hurricane
it’s a zephyr of pleasure, a sweet refrain
a breezy sonnet sung from above
oh wind of love
gliding on the wind of love
the wind of love
the wind of love

a tempest a breeze a gale a gust you lift me up on the wind of love
jetstream airstream sighs of love free my heart so it soars above

suddenly you blew into town
raisin’ me up, tossin’ me around
you swept up my heart with the wing of a dove
lifting me up on the wind of love

blowin’ around
heads in the clouds
my feet are off the ground

Mistral mister you kissed me sweet
whisking me off my grounded feet
the fresh air of a new beloved
the whirlywind of the wind of love

Contents of ZIP Archive: Vox Stems Produced by Cop

  • /souring high.mp3 (2.84MB)
  • /wol lead vox.mp3 (2.84MB)
  • /bckgrnds panned.mp3 (2.84MB)
  • /chorus harmonies.mp3 (2.84MB)
  • /intro and end harm (1).mp3 (2.84MB)
  • /intro sax n ch harm.mp3 (2.84MB)
  • /more chorus.mp3 (2.84MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Vox Stems Produced by Cop

  • /bckgrnds panned.flac (8.12MB)
  • /chorus harmonies.flac (6.85MB)
  • /intro and end harm (1).flac (5.37MB)
  • /intro sax n ch harm.flac (5.93MB)
  • /more chorus.flac (6.84MB)
  • /souring high.flac (4.51MB)
  • /wol lead vox.flac (5.97MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: WOL Oiginal Dry Vox flac

  • /WOL Harmony 3a (aaahs).flac (4.08MB)
  • /WOL Harmony 3b (aaahs).flac (4.10MB)
  • /WOL Harmony 3c (aahs).flac (4.44MB)
  • /WOL Lead.flac (5.50MB)
  • /Lead Vox.flac (5.96MB)
  • /WOL Harmony 1a.flac (4.73MB)
  • /WOL Harmony 1b.flac (4.59MB)
  • /WOL Harmony 2a.flac (4.06MB)
  • /WOL Harmony 2b.flac (4.18MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: WOL Original Dry Vox More

  • /ChorusBit4b.flac (2.73MB)
  • /hook redux.flac (7.12MB)
  • /solo harm1.flac (941.11KB)
  • /solo harm2 double.flac (902.24KB)
  • /solo harm2.flac (1.56MB)
  • /solo vox & end alt take.flac (2.20MB)
  • /solo vox.flac (2.61MB)
  • /addl harmony.flac (3.88MB)
  • /chorus 3 ad libs.flac (2.78MB)
  • /chorus bi1 double.flac (3.23MB)
  • /chorus bit1.flac (3.40MB)
  • /ChorusBit4a.flac (2.60MB)

"The Wind of Love"
by SackJo22

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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