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Whiskey Down (The Hidden Blues)

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I heard Hidden Blues by Pitx and was immediately inspired, despite my commitment to remaining focused on a project that is gladly occupying most of my creative time. This is a quick and sloppy track, headphone mix, and just one of those things that happen sometimes when you let it. Big thanks to Pitx and rocavaco for sharing such swell music with us!

a capella here

WHISKEY DOWN (The Hidden Blues)

love so bright it burns your eyes
hungry touch on your thighs
weary worn and confused
‘bout the love you just refused

whiskey down until you’re lit
convinced love’s just a nasty bitch
charms and vows to seduce
what’s a dream and what’s the truth

give her a moment
give her a day
until you find the right thing to say
all seems lost
nothing more to lose
you’re not sure what path to choose
try walkin’ in her shoes
but you won’t escape
the hidden blues

"Whiskey Down (The Hidden Blues)"
by SackJo22

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