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Everybodys Going To Die (And Other Unsettling Observations)

uploaded: Fri, May 4, 2012 @ 6:30 PM
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I threw just about every weird production trick I know at this one, originally a remix of “The other Day I found a dead line drawn in the sand faded and hardly there anymore (Executive Summary)” this is an experimental track inspired by annablooms amazing collection of surreal soundscapes and featuring some serious existential angst, if La Nausee had a soundtrack it would probably sound something like this.

I worked in 12/5 because I thought it would be an easy way to set up disorientating polyrhythms, in reality it just made it impossible to beat programme lol, (good in a way as I normally take the path of least resistance), so nothing lines up but maybe thats the point.

Thanks for the brilliant samples especially CiggiBurns great a cappella full of undertones of existential panic and the long dark rush-hour of the soul. Otherwise attribution is a bit tricky due to all the looping-layering-filtering-slicing stuff, so I’m just going to list everything that was in my DAW at the start of this project.

Additionally some or all of these freesound samples might appear in this track (for legal reasons I should state although available under CC licences the creators haven’t explicitly approved this specific use of the samples and are not affiliated with or otherwise endorsing any personal views expressed herewith etc etc..), many thanks to the original creators.

"Everybodys Going To Die (And Other Unsettling Observations)"

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