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70, 90, 110 BPM "Climate Change Is Real"

uploaded: Thu, Feb 13, 2020 @ 5:24 PM last modified: Thu, Feb 13, 2020 @ 5:26 PM  (add)
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Sorry for the accidental upload earlier today, I got a Tow job call and like the fire fighter we have to roll when we are called. Since I had to re-upload, I decided to add two more BPM versions of this rap for flexibility.

============ (“Bridge” at the end of each acapella)
Climate change is real, real, real
facts don’t care how you
feel, feel, feel

I live in a community surrounded by folk
who seriously think climate change is a joke
they ignore all the scientists and their facts
like Dr. Seuss wrote in The Lorax

okay old boy you hate climate change
kids are taught that in school you look at them strange
but they look at you worse because you embody
all the stupid ideas that got us here Johnny

not to blame all the boomers it’s just a fad
people my own age are just as bad
this material is taught in public school
if you deny climate change you look like a tool

wearing a dunce hat sitting in the corner
hey the young kids tried to warn ya
especially Greta Thurnberg, just one girl
became the hate focus of the denial world
all the of these so called mature adults
raging at a little girl what a sick cult
you’re on the wrong side of history
listen to the misery, it’s no mystery

While Australia burns you cherry pick snow
Quoting internet websites no one knows
Climate Change is real, accept it, move on.
Heading the the wrong way on the autoban

fossil fuel cos and their CEOs
Can skip right to jail do not pass go
we won’t ration carbon, that’s for the elite
selling pollutions grants isn’t that neat

The fish are truly dying in the sea
lies! who are you trying to deceive
yourself or your kids because they see you
use up their future like a cheap perfume
there’s no room or place for you
if you can’t just accept what is actually true
the matter with you? Propaganda
written by experts who engage in slander

take a gander, at all these scientists
hearing the denial? ain’t buying this.
The rich buy think tanks to make you believe
any damn thing to give them reprieve

Give them no quarter unless by it’s horse
Dismantle capitalism is the only course
But hey we can fight, hey we can feud
we can starve as we argue over food

While we barter over lies that’s grand
the 1% fracks deep in the sand
chrysalis of the world, the next sequel
except we all die and there’s no people.

"70, 90, 110 BPM "Climate Change Is Real""
by coruscate

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Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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