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uploaded: Fri, Feb 7, 2020 @ 3:59 AM last modified: Sun, Feb 9, 2020 @ 5:24 PM  (add)
FeaturingAdmiral Bob, Apoxode, Jabro, Ivan Chew, VPD, Exorcist, Tim Kahn, Tyops, Calyman, William Berry, Librovox, Tapsa, AboxJ, Duckett, Basematic, PorchCat, FlanicX
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1 Intro
Remix B
One Reprise
Remix A

Okay, so last week my remix of They Don’t Control The Internet was pulled because I had sampled Adolf Hitler into the background of the music to represent evil. I also provided samples, I always do. Those may have been used inappropriately by a third party.

I am actually sympathetic to the reasons it was pulled and am not angry at all. I am 100% okay with this. I am AntiFa and AntiRacist. Period. Let’s just make that clear.

CC management was also very understanding and kind about it.

So I’m aboslutely not upset at all my mix was pulled HOWEVER… I am still a rapper raised in the age of Stetsasonic, 2 Live Crew, NWA, ICE-T and Too $hort. So when music is edited… more music must go up loudly! It’s in my blood!

There is no more of that guy in my music. I replaced that guy with another dictator… Donald Trump… And then the Nazi music was replaced with the Star Spangled Banner. That may bother some even more than the Nazi music BECAUSE it replaces it.

But that’s where we are as a country.

At first I started making minor changes and minor changes became big changes… and BOOM… megamix.


The reprise in the middle is live played. I barely edited it to stay on beat with post edits. Barely. There is one section where there are “hoofbeats” for like one count… I left it in the mix because I pounced on that!!

Enjoy! This is a first for me too!

Tools other than mixers :
Stanton SCS 4DJ (Which I will be returning since one platter is not functioning.)

Sorting out who did what will take me an extra day hang on.

Jobro’s sample (tweaked) and myself talking.

Remix B
Choir - Ivan Chew - OMG I love this choir
Drums A - VPD Drum #6
Drums B - Apoxode Designer Drums 16
Drums C - Exorcist Drum Loop #002

Drums A - Admiral Bob - Airy Song Writing Kit
Drums B - William Berry - Funkish
Piano And Drums - Tyops - Underground Dramatic Beat
Bass - Calyman - Rebecca Is Gone
Woman’s voice - Tim Kahn’s recording
“The Hand That Held The Dagger” public domain OTR referencing Mussolini.
Four politicians
“Patric Henry” reading by Librovox

Ghostly Whispering
By qubodup

Remix A
Donald Trump replacing Hitler.
The Star Spangled Banner replacing the Nazi anthem.
Drums A - Duckett - Southern Rain Beat
Drums B - Basematic -92 Beat 01
Drums C - Porchcat - Breaks Pack
Drums D - Flanicx - 2 Dias
Saxophone lowered - Abox J
Guitar slowed - Tapsa

Public Domain, Librovox
Patrick Henry

William Berry

Airy Song Writing Kit
By Admiral Bob

Rebecca Is Gone
By Calyman

Underground Dramatic Beat (edited into two bits)
By Tyops

Midnight Conspiracy
By tim.kahn

Designer Drums 16

Ivan Chew
Choir Vocals (Circle Of Life)

Drum Loop #6

drum loop #002 (096 BPM)
By Exorcist

By Tapsa

Sax Machine (solo Sax)
By Abox J

Southern Rain Beat
By Duckett

92 beat01
By Basematic

Breaks Pack
By PorchCat

2 dias (drums)Flanicx
By Flanicx

Public Domain

by coruscate

2020 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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