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Rap Like A Pirate Ft. Benboncan, Dave Gould & Slanesh

uploaded: Tue, Jan 17, 2012 @ 12:33 PM last modified: Tue, Jan 17, 2012 @ 8:56 PM  (replace)
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I had too much fun with this one. Hurts my voice though a bit @_@;;

Digital Redux loops on teeh cut as well as pieces from Benboncan, Dave Gould and Slanesh. Those are the ocean, seagull and maritime bells you hear.


Captain… beats ahoy!!

Avast Ye Scumbags and scallywags in drag
batton down the hatches and raise the black flag
best be knowin Davy Jones Be Me Helmsman here
BEst bestowin full rounds of well headed beer

I’ll haul ya from the bow to keel and lo
wave to ya from the Captain’s window
Democracies on these seas no room for mutinies
Scurrilous behavior receives close scrutiny

Are ye rash, ready, are ye rough, rude
Are ye able to tell what the hell is latitude?
Can you chart stars and bootleg gold bars
through port authorities to foreign bazaars?

Crawl out the bung hole if ye qualify
Savvy me hearties grogs be me best bribe
take another bride? Lass we leave ye at port
Lose both me legs for I come the marryin’ sort

Used to guard and escort, hoist the colors!
Hard to port and abort these lubbers
To Davy Jones Locker, smartly show a leg
Saucy wenches for maties, come fill me keg

Rap like a pirate, wear an eye patch
verbal crosswinds battend own every hatch
check the compass the booty be ahead
in the listless winds of the isle of the dead

Overgrowth wild feel the dread steady as she goes
Keep your eyes peeled me friends be ready for foes
best be on your toes the kraken’s reach is as long
as the Spanish sun on a midsummer’s dawn

Carry on or carrion, bleached bones beneath the sun
If ye tarry yer done and yer are plans unspun
A crafty bilge rat with a really big chest
but you’re as soft as a strumpet’s breast

Pirate lay anchor where’er they damn please
Buccanneer, privateer’s got no time for pleasantries
Pleasant company? A pint and a whore!
And a lantern’s light to guide me from shore

Rap like a pirate carry yer mic in a sash
Swing rounds and curse to the sound of me hats
Me hearties get love me enemies get fear
Whenever Captain Coruscate draws near
This be Captain Coruscate of the treacherous

Incomplete Orchestra

"Rap Like A Pirate Ft. Benboncan, Dave Gould & Slanesh"
by coruscate

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