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Little Garden of Snow

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FeaturingLoveshadow, Snowflake, Reiswerk
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Sleet and Snow Secret Mixter of Loveshadow!

With a stem from “The Little Things” as the primary sound, pertinent vocal extracts were taken from “Here Comes the Snow;” “Snowflakes;” and “We’re Gonna Need a Miracle,” then accompanied with a double-speed loop of “The Garden (Waiting).” Reiswerk’s choral swell from “Where it all Started” just sounded so nice as a fill, and it seemed poetically appropriate to have Madam Snowflake make an appearance with her chromatic takes from “Say Ah.”

FLAC stems included: drums (mono) and “say ah” line (mono and stereo).

Drumbeat made with “The Garden ( Waiting )” by Loveshadow, and drumatic 3 by e-phonic.

Snowflake choral sound created by breaking up the two FLAC files by tone, assigning them to keys, and applying envelopes to each key.

Bells, Chimes, and Triangles are public domain sounds from the VSCO Community.

"Little Garden of Snow"
by Apoxode

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