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Editors' Picks

For You, I'll Jazz There (feat DJazzlang)

Smooth, toe tappin’, head boppin, acid-jazz, funky lounge style. This Siobhan Dakay remix of J.Lang grooves…hard!

Wait here for you

Scomber and Snowflake deliver a powerful vocal duet in this heartfelt rock ballad Wait here for you. Stefan Kartenberg lays down a solid song foundation with a stellar guitar accompaniment.

En Shenandoah

Down With Ben and Airtone team up to deliver that classic American folks song, Shenandoah. Always a pleasure hearing a classic folk music performance that projects emotion.

“Away, we’re bound away,
Across the wide Missouri.”


by: Jeris
CRANK UP THE VOLUME! Who needs the radio when you got tunes like this burning up ccMixter.
Stay in the moment and don’t let this song go.
Mana Junkie
Play Stay

Save Us

Snowflake shows us all how to make truly beautiful music with this synth pop sensation. Her vocals are sublime, mixed with a selection Loveshadow’s vocals and making it fit with a Leviathan of a track!

Out There Somewhere ....

You’re looking for an epic soundtrack?
Listen to “Out There Somewhere ….” mixed by Vicky Dan. Maybe this is what you are looking for.
With the fantastically played electric guitar (by Unreal Dm), it’s a floating song that is fun at all.
Stefan Kartenberg

Coffee & Lullabies

by: sparky
“Coffee & Lullabies” is reminiscent of the “Cocteau Twins” in the early eighties.The lovely voice of an “Crazy Little Asian” girl fits perfect to this “Sparky” mix.
Well done.
Stefan Kartenberg


by: Rewob
Rewob treats us to a smooth blues featuring soaring guitar and soulful attention grabbing vocals provided by daniloprates. Blues is all about the feel! Rewob’s song Downstairs oozes blues feel.

Today Is The Day

Dark industrial electronic music featuring a foreboding spoken word by MissJudged and cinematic vocalizations by eSoreni. Subliminal’s haunting apocalyptic atmosphere is perfectly appropriate for the chilling vocals.
Kara Square

Too Deep

Downtempo electropop highlighting the terror of the season AND the terror of this time for humanity. Snowflake’s vocals go effortlessly from rapping to singing with Analog by Nature’s polished electronic backing track driving the beat. While acknowledging the current plight of the world, Snowflake still conjures hope and calls on us all to “stand up and fight, rise up and fight.”
Kara Square

The End of the World

Ambient spoken word that is truly terrifying. After Admiral Bob sets the scene with his unsettling, calm storytelling, his guitar illuminates the panic he stirred in our hearts. Speck’s atmospheric synths add to the darkness. Push play… if you dare.
Kara Square


A bleak pop rock manual for surviving 2020. Radioontheshelf’s lyrics are aptly biting and full of the terror and truth of our time. He brings part of Stefan Kartenberg’s instrumental into the mix. Take a listen, wear your mask, and wash your hands.
Kara Square

Hallows Evening

This murder ballad will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up! Scomber’s Halloween ghost story includes haunting guitar by Quantum Theor(y). The creepy lyrics, driving drums, and crisp production make this a perfect add to your Halloween playlist.
Kara Square


Ever heard classic rock guitar with swinging eletro glitch beats? “C A P S L O C K R O C K” is the ultimate example of the fun and creativity in fusion style remixes. Starting with Apoxode’s beats sample pack, Stefan Kartenberg arranged an exciting instrumental that is perfect for film, video, and games.
Kara Square

Worth it then

by: sparky
Soft rock, a soft voice performed by Lonnie and a beautiful mix made by Sparky works perfect in this Song.
Emulations flow…..
Stefan Kartenberg