Editors' Picks

Le blues de Noël

What does every great blues track need? Harmonica! Bluemillenium’s harmonica addition takes Admiral Bob’s funky blues to the next level.
Kara Square

Wait in silence

Take a moment to reflect and “look to the sky for answers.” Stefan Kartenberg’s soulful blues remix of Madam Snowflake’s “Under the Stars” creates a beautiful atmosphere for Christmas contemplation.
Kara Square

Fight The Blues For Christmas (2021)

by: Speck
Get inspired AND commiserate with Speck while you fight the blues this Christmas. With lyrics that spit the truth AND offer some hope, the funky blues of Admiral Bob’s backing track is put to good use.
Kara Square


If you’re looking for a chill, wintery vibe, push play. Apoxode’s downtempo lofi “frosted” features samples from Admiral Bob, Darkroom and Martijn de Boer. It’s a great pick to add some coolness to video, film and games.
Kara Square

Ashes and Dreams (here its morning while america is sleeping mix)

by: Kiki
Kiki’s remix of DustyZonda’s Ashes and Dreams is moving and soulful. Always nice to hear a music production that showcases a vocalist’s ability to move air and emote when they sing. Bravo, Kiki!


Airtone teams up with Admiral Bob to deliver a beautiful instrumental that is hard to ignore. Bluenotes is a apt title for this extremely smoove downtempo blues jazz fusion.

World Below the Brine (The Atlantis Dance Mix)

Mana Junkie takes us on a percussively rhythmic and musically groovalicious journey under the sea. Snowfalke’s reading of Walt Witman’s World Below the Brine narrates the wondrous sites on our journey. Great team work!

The Art Of Dying (Remix)

Dramatic and emotive, this mellotron-driven art pop remix is sure to make you feel. Zenboy1955 went for a sparse, minimalist approach, which left ample room to accentuate Scomber’s powerful vocals and lyrics.
Kara Square

Fierce Love (remix)

by: sparky
Pensive trip hop with alternative rock undertones. Sparky’s arrangement features the fretless bass, huge drums, gritty guitar and a twinkling piano as it supports Madam Snowflake’s soulful vocals.
Kara Square

Try A G A I N (again)

Breakup ballad with a glimmer of hope. Building upon the musical backtrack of mykleanthony, Siobhan Dakay brings @CrazyLittleAsian’s cathartic vocal performance to life. Every fallen tear can be heard as this tale of heartbreak unfolds.

Lament of the Irish Immigrant

Story of the Lie’s masterful production incorporates exquisite story telling on top of an lush ambient soundscape rich with tone and full of feeling. Listening is an aural experience to be enjoyed in its fullness.

Where It All Began

Urmymuse’s backtrack was taken by Radiohead to add Rock’n’Roll.

I trust David Bowie give a big thumbs up from Heaven and wishes ccMixter a happy 17th birthday.
Siobhan Dakay


Inspiring and transformative, airtone’s ambient remix of Story of the Lie is the perfect addition to your chill playlist, uplifting video or meditative game. Give a listen and relax…
Kara Square

Requiem for the Corrupt

Take a journey through Darkroom’s haunting tombs of sound in “Requiem for the Corrupt.” Featuring compelling source from bangcorrupt and medieval vocals by Asteria, this track is mystically captivating. Listen all the way to the end!

Fierce Love

Fierce Love is one of those tracks you can put on repeat and never tire of it. A very cool pell that has a lot of soul to it. Outstanding indeed!
Mana Junkie