BIG Fest - pells, samples & remixes + MORE

Editors' Picks

Late Nigtht Tribe

ccMixter newcomer, earritation, lays down ambient groove that is smooth and seductively chill featuring Darkroom’s loop skills. “Late Nigtht Tribe” would fit on any Groove Salad playlist, setting the stage for the Spirograph Soundscape Room in the Big Fest.


A deep electronic groove and a haunting atmosphere by earritation extracts something mighty potent out of the lyrics and the vocal delivery (by Hektor Thillet and Pelgio respectively). Big bravo!


If you want to know why I love Ccmixter so much just listen to Keytronic’s delicate remix of Ciggiburns Marked. All the instruments drums, upright, piano and the like, are perfectly placed throughout the piece. One simply beautiful arrangement!

Say Goodbye

The band is tight and Unreal_dm’s guitar sound on his down home rock and roll treatment of Snowflake is too good to miss!

Pathways of the Mind

This track is as good as any urban contemporary track I’ve heard in ages, no make that all year. From concept to the last dip of the last fader the writing, vocals, & production are concise, focused and a treat for the ears. Let’s recognize for a moment this woman is one of the best ‘under the radar’ singer/songwriters among us. Congrats Kara, as far as I’m concerned you made the big time a long time ago. Don’t ever think it
doesn’t matter… it does.

Raynardine ....

Escape for a moment… to a fairyland with a werefox named Reynardine… VickyDan’s exquisite orchestral backing track for Anchor Méjans marvelous interpretation of this traditional folk song is a must listen. Magical, mysterious, and captivating.
Kara Square

It's An Illusion

by: Speck
Grab your headphones and head over to the Spirograph Soundscape Room for a special audio treat courtesy of the delightful jazzy Speck (composition, piano, and synth). You’ll hear Martijn de Boer’s neat-o beer bottle percussion and bass. Annabloom provides fabulous additional percussion and piano. And the perfectly appropriate vocals are from the ultra-cool, smoky-voiced Panu.
Kara Square

Garnet Wine ....

When Vicky Dan mixes in Ciggi Burns something special happens. Here, it happens as a cinematic rush of broken hearted wash and twang that creates an atmosphere of expansiveness.

Come Home

by: Alex
The Andromeda Theatre will soon go dark, but right now the lighters are out, Alex is shredding under the blistering gel lights as the dry ice wafts up. And you? You’re headbanging furiously, as spinningmerkaba belts his all into the microphone stand with the bandana tied to it.
Admiral Bob

Fast and Furious

Shelflife took Hans Atom’s heavy hitting track, added Steve Bryant’s vocals, did some cutting, added some unexpected sonic elements and created a hard core rock melange that is nothing less than fast and furious! Bravo!

CalendarGirl - June (Elijah Lucian One Hour Beat)

Elijah Lucian’s nu-pop remix of Calendar Girl is like riding the city bus all the way to the beach on a sticky hot summer day — the rumble, the movement, and the wistful watching out the window anticipating the sun, the breeze and the refreshment of the water once you arrive.


This warm and delicate classic-feeling country love song is reminiscent of the country greats: Hank Williams Jr., Dolly Parton, and even Woody Guthrie himself. Admiral Bob embraced SackJo22’s traditional folk vocals with just the right amount of mandolin and country flare. So hey, push play and do a little star gazing in your lover’s arms.
Kara Square
Play TraLa

Destroy The Shadows

by: Alex
Funking great track with an infectious beat that elevates Kara’s voice. Listen, tap your feet and enjoy!


Hans Meister bursts on da seen with a track better than ANYTHING being done in German Euro-Pop these days. Go on name your fave band from GDR… this is better! Enjoy!

Could Be

Martijn delivers a smoove, spooky, spatial cinematic groove. Listen and relax to this chillicious soundscape featuring jennymayhem and Mseq.