Editors' Picks

This is not Love (it's much more)

Sexier than french lace, silkier than silk, “This is not Love” produced by Spinmeister features the divine vocals of Diaphane. A must listen for any lover of love and sensual downtempo music.

Vitamins ( Remix )

Disco isn’t dead, oh no! The ones who had the pleasure of experiencing late 70’s/early 80’s disco dance floors will definitely get the boogie right here. A very authentically recreated trip down the memory lane!
Zep Hurme


Sensational, uplifting modern jazz. Airtone’s remix of Jeris’ already sparkling instrumental adds a glorious dose of delightful magic. Excellent for films and slideshows.
Kara Square

Round by Round

Round by Round is an absolute radio hit (would need to beep the language for that though!) Destinazione Altrove has created an incredible EDM production framing LoneStarr’s monster pell. Watch out Usher & Rihanna….


Words cannot express Zep’s remix of Sackjo22’s Waiting is as mint a track could be at Ccmixter or any radio station around the world.

Jack Frost

by: Blake
Thumping and catchy, put this on at your holiday party and watch everyone dance (or at least nod their heads)!
Kara Square

O Tannenbaum / Oh Christmas Tree

Bask in the beauty of the season with Martijn de Boer’s holiday instrumental collab with Admiral Bob. It’s the perfect backing track for photo presentations and winter videos.
Kara Square

Love Is

Get your holiday reggae pop rock fix topped with extra love!
Kara Square

Holiday Funky Blues

“Say you’ve got the blues?
Got holes in both your shoes?”
Listen to this!!!

Snowflake and unreal_dm have created a wonderfully upbeat yet cathartic song for this holiday season’s toe tapping, eggnog sipping, festive meeting, down home greeting, funky holiday blues.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas, ccMixter!
Hanukkah Sameach!

ccM radio show part 1

This upbeat work of love by Stefan Kartenberg and featuring a long list of talented mixters celebrates the joy of making music together on Catchy, fun, and not to be missed!
Kara Square

Take me to the Graveyard

Scomber’s knack for making something that sounds familiar, but feels fresh is exemplified by this tightly arranged and cleanly produced track where the dynamic between the passionate vocal of Kae Furious and the Scomber “band” makes for some fluid southern style roots rock.

Xmas Trees Aint getting Shorter

Ready for some Christmas pop rock? Stefan Kartenberg’s arrangement of Scomber’s cool vocals and brilliant lyrics hits the holiday mark!
Kara Square

The Floating World

Geert Veneklaas and queeniemusic collaboratively create a fabulous Floating World. Relax and enjoy this chill journey of subtle voices and soaring guitar.

Under the Christmas Tree (with Ciggiburns)

You know those radio stations that only plays Christmas songs this time of year? They WISH they were playing this glistening new classic Christmas song from Keytronic, Ciggi Burns, and Panu Moon. Ciggi’s vocals are a warm, loving embrace (captured with Panu’s expert skills). Keytronic’s production is absolutely top notch. Listen now and get whisked away to a magical world of holiday wonder.
Kara Square

Der Traum Unterm Baum (feat. Maike und Frida)

Enjoy Keytronic’s wonderful Christmas celebration waltz featuring his daughter Frida and friend Maike.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas, ccMixter!
Hanukkah Sameach!