Editors' Picks

Wake Up Kiss

Perfectly imagined and produced grunge-pop remix of “Wake Up Kiss” by snowflake. Hans Atom always just seems to get it right!

Greensleeves (whatever mix)

by: Speck
From the creative, inspiring mind of Speck, comes his “non-standard standard” version of “Greensleeves.” Featuring the five available renditions of the song (on ccM), Speck whips up a beat-infused soirée with Doxent Zsigmond (piano), Martijn de Boer (bass), Gurdonark (beats, chimes, fx), Kazuki Mishima (vocal), and Ivan Chew (flute). This rousing remix clearly demonstrates the possibilities ccMixter instigates.
Kara Square

Waiting For Your Arrival

Phildann’s clean acoustic-pop arrangement is a solid mellow groove that gently holds the voice of Wilburson. A really nice listen.

Wake Up Kiss

Tango never was as sexy as in “Wake Up Kiss” by Zep Hurme. Snowflakes voice, an accordion and drums, Zep does not need much more to create a song that is ready to fit in any hot rotation.

you knew how to hurt me ...

Guitars pushing the amps to red - some angry vibes - brilliant melody and delivery by Timberman - well thought out and fluid arrangement. That’s a recipe for this Urmymuse’s hard-hitting guitar rock track.
Zep Hurme

Morning Star

by: Jeris
Relaxing and simply beautiful, Jeris’ remix of Orrisroot (vocals) and grapes (samples) is a musical moment of peace and hope. Push play and let “Morning Star” take you away…
Kara Square

Here Comes the Light

Wow! Copperhead’s outstandingly produced remix of Snowflake’s “The Light” is intricate, layered, orchestral, rocking, cinematic, climactic, and uplifting. Never losing focus on Snowflake’s exquisite vocals, Copperhead made a stunning piece of music with Robert Siekawitch blazing on guitar.

Close to Mike jazz mix (ft. oldDog)

Enjoy this heart-melting jazz with silky smooth Ciggi Burns vocals and tastefully delicate piano and bass from oldDog. Swooooooon!
Kara Square

Tattoo (Candy Flowers Edit) - COFFEEEUROPE ft Jeris, Susie Q. Smith & Patricia Edwards

Smoothly cool yet simmering. Coffeeeurope sets the passion of Suzi Q. Smith against a chill jam that places Jeris (with Admiral Bob) and Patricia Edwards in all the right places to fuel the heat. You are invited to listen — and to feel.

csoul oriental express

This darkly captivating track will engage your senses from the first note and never let go. Featuring the haunting vocals of Admiral Bob and Javolenus, CSoul Oriental Express feels like riding a mysterious sunrise.

Stefan Kartenberg’s Secret Mixter track based upon CSoul’s rhythms and melodies is a must listen!

Mad , Dirty & Naked

by: CSoul
Csoul gets down with a little dirty kinda’ sexy remix of Vidian that is an EDM foray into an earthy, deep, dark kind of place where the only option is to dance through it!

Made From Corn

I paint smile paintings to speak of this world I live in. This song does the same with corn - corn + simles = same thing. To speak of these things brings a corny smile to anyone’s face, therein lies the importance of the matter which this song so cleverly conveys. Very impressive! This put so many deliciously fun and twisted images in my mind I might have to do a corny smiles painting now :D

Entranced by the beauty

Entranced? Yep you will be, as you hear this blend of steel drums and house music supporting a great vocal.
Admiral Bob

With the light, New dimension

Reusenoise whips up Carosone in a bright, vintage-tinged meringue of grooviness with a splash of contemporary chill mixed in. Delicious!

FeedForward (DuckBackMix)

A chill, downtempo pop rock track, duckett’s Secret Mixter remix of Colin Mutchler is intoxicatingly inspiring. The straightforward, crispy drums push the song forward, while contrasting with a beautiful wall of emotional guitars. Incredibly, duckett created this track with 10 different samples from Colin Mutchler’s ccMixter catalog.
Kara Square