Editors' Picks

This LifeBoat (Let's Change)

Purely positive dance extravaganze! Loveshadow’s remix of Snowflake invites you to take that first transformative step while compelling you to the dance floor.

From Home (Snowflake Jeris HEJ31 remix!)

by: tacet
Tacet has skillfully crafted a moving, soulful remix of Snowflake singing the beautiful old spiritual “A Motherless Child”. Feel it here on ccMixter!

Qwillde (feat. High Knowledge Crew) - Square Bidness

Wonder why hip hop is the #1 seller in CD-land? ‘Cause brothers & sisters of all persuasions are actually talking to each other there.

Learn how here. Enjoy!

Balm Me

by: Speck
Soothingly groovy. Speck’s acoustic-based production of the Panu/unreal_dm band (with Forkboy in the mix) is warm, uplifting, and full of promise!

Vertigo's Roses

by: Speck
Ever wonder what might happen if Monk, Sun Ra, Billy Cobham & Miroslav Vitous popped in at Speck’s for an impromptu post bop exchange of ideas? Play this hot one twice at moderate volume and you’ll quickly catch up on everything you’ve missed in American hipster jazz over the past 50 years. Enjoy!

Ocean Reflections

With a memorable & gorgeous melody and electronic B/T suitable for meditation or cruising the beach Levihica touches heart, mind & soul with this fine offering. Through good reference monitors this mix will take you there - every production detail perfect for getting a pre-summer spiritual tan. Enjoy!

Just For You

What a delight to hear some music for healing that doesn’t sound like the whole band popped a handful of ‘ludes before hitting the RECORD button. TRF gets all binaural on this medicinal joint. Enjoy!

Snowflake - Acceptance (Levihica Remix)

Invoking contemplation and healing, Levihica’s chill, melodic electronica remix of Snowflake is absorbing and gently powerful.
Kara Square

Don't Be Afraid

Soul touching vibe wtih Snowflakes exceptional vocal performance makes this a movie soundtrack worthy tune. What a great and soothing tune. Backing vocals are really cool.


Mykleanthony! ;)~


by: Jeris
Music. I love you.

If you ever needed a justification for music, Jeris just gave you one.
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Miss me

Frank Schmalbach’s first ccMixter remix is a wonderfully enjoyable and relaxing bossa nova based on Calendargirl’s “February” and “September” vocals featuring Mr. Popnapp on vocals and the fabulous sounds of Mr. Uwe Reith’s guitar.

Motherless Child

Sometimes when you need healing from pain and despair, a good soulful bluesy, gospel rendition of “Motherless Child” is the best remedy. And sometimes when a musician hears something that so deeply resonates in the core of their being it takes no effort to resurface an old spiritual in such simple splendor. Seems this is just the case with this Admiral Bob and Snowflake duet. This recording shines amongst the many covers and arrangements that I have heard with closed eyes and an open heart.

On the Earth (and of the Tree)

Press play and shut your eyes… this peaceful, meditative gem with SackJo22’s captivating, soothing voice and Jeris’ beautiful, relaxing backing track is a Music for Healing must listen.
Kara Square

Dark Violet Sky

A subdued and melancholic mashup of
‘Persephone’ by Hans Atom with vocals from Snowflake. It’s a compelling and vastly imaginative soundscape…seemingly yanked directly from the dream it originated from.

All Of The World

by: Alex
Alex has created swimmingly good tech house dance music to carry Snowflake’s voice for All the World to hear. This club ready EDM is a toe tapping, head bobbing groove.