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Editors' Picks


Stefan Kartenberg paints a grand spatial soundscape to embrace Loveshadow’s epic song If You Wait (Anahitas Promise).

Your Mask

Snowflake and Michael Burnz are unmasked in this heartfelt mixture of hip hop, milk and honey rhythmically carried along by My Free Mickey beats. I and I is real.

Drunk In A Smokey Bar Drinking An Imperial Porter Mix

After an inexplicable disappearance, Lasswell shares again his distinctly poignant remix of Amelia June’s plaintive vocal in a simple piano-focused arrangement that pulls your heart out of your throat, so that the only way to ease the ache is to down that imperial porter.

Out of the Blue

Copperhead on backup vocals for this spirited remix of Fronz Arp’s “Out of the Blue”. Radio ready and ready for a weekend drive!

Only Sometimes

Super tight groove with a sweet, lush, Philly Soul-Jazz sound. This trio features Javolenus and Karstenholymoly, and was masterminded by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD).

All of the World

Keytronic’s remix of “All of the World” has a colorful, waltzy percussion and acoustic blend that seems to take the listener on a journey around the world. Featuring a pella from Snowflake and Bass from Martijn de Boer (NiGiD). A brilliant interpretation!

Breathe the Sun

Quarkstar takes SackJo22’s vocal tracks onto a muse-inspired musical journey that’s mysterious yet accessible, ambient yet rhythmic, ethnic yet otherworldly. A trip well worth taking.


Stefan Kartenberg takes Ruben Lucky Halls deep south vocal style and drops into a knarly, swamp churning, bluesy, treacle. Look out for the gators.

Modern Love

by: Alex
Pristine dance-pop from Alex sets up Fronz Arp in a track you can both dance and sing along to!

Sunday afternoon (Jazz Mix)

by: Jeris
This has to be the ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Jeris has taken Diaphane’s “Sunday afternoon” and given it a superbly smooth and cozy feel. This jazzy package’s flow stays solid through the song. Jeris’ obvious skillz are used here to craft a perfect feel for the song and not just to impress listeners, which is a mark of a seasoned musician/producer.
Zep Hurme

Ten Years of ccMixter

by: Speck
Speck paints an ambient sonic tribute, rich in rhythm, melody and tone. “Ten Years of ccMixter” features source material from each of our 10 years and undoubtedly belongs on Soma’s Groove Salad. A must listen.

Dancing Like A Maniac ft The Ragga Twins

Want some great combination of Swing, Reggae and Hip Hop that makes you dance like a maniac? Here you go! Rey Izain in combination with Sybil Smith and The Ragga Twins make is nearly impossible not to dance to the beat.

Crooked Mile (slinky rock mix)

Hans Atom produces a dynamic piece of pop art in a track that snarls and smiles at the same time. With some superb drum samples from Billy Ray Drums and a beautiful vocal track form Lisa de Benedictis this track has a timeless quality that should hang well and any wall.


What makes ccMixter so special? This beautiful production by airtone featuring rocavaco’s inspiring vocal says it all. Including stems from Platinum Butterfly, this ambient track beautifully supports ccMixter and is worth several listens.
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Two 4 Seven

Loveshadow delivers a musical box of chocolates. Built around source loops by Scomber, it is filled with lyrical treats, surrounded by a sweet backing track, covered by a thick helping of lush vocals, and topped by a subtly sexy solo. The kind of track that gets played last at the dance. Or first on the couch.