Editors' Picks

Everything Is Clear

by: Shebbe
Shebbe’s deep house mix couldn’t be a more fitting environment for Kara Square’s distinctive delivery. A solid kick and seamless transitions make this track a dance party must.


kris_sky wraps Snowflake up in Stefan Kartenberg’s guitars to create a neo-psychedelic wash of tone and feeling that simply sweeps you away.

Fine Print (ouch interpretation)

Hans Atom remixes Kirkoid, featuring Project Question on the vox, to create an anthem of our age. With each listen, there is more to contemplate. With driving rhythms and tasty electric guitar tones, Fine Print will move you out of the ordinary into new places of reflection.

My Audio Wake Up

by: teru
This is the vintage ccMixter sound and sort of perfect for celebrating ccMixter’s 10th anniversary. Teru + Ashwan. This rich cool trip hip hop track with touches of elegance that are unique to Teru merits multiple listens.

My Klean Secret (Headphone Mix)

This is what a Secret Mixter is all about. Recombining a long list of creations by Mykle Anthony, fourstones has created a brilliant song all its own. Alas this is more than a song, this a musical journey, a piece of art! With new sonic delights at every turn, the production and arrangement will bend your mind.

We are Connected (the Chemma Chi Remix)

Sackjo,vocalist extraordinaire s remix of State Shirt is nothing less than brilliant. She continues to amaze me with each remix. Haskel also does some fine guitar work.

Just You Wait

Ten years in the making, this track celebrates ccMixter’s long history with an infectious guitar riff, fabulous hook, and sweet acoustic packed into a nice radio friendly format. The only thing wrong here is when the music stops!
Admiral Bob

Being ( Namaste) - II

by: CSoul
An enlightened dance track that invites movement as prayer. The random secret mixter pairing of CSoul and Carosone is a divine combination that reaches across all kinds of boundaries. Bravo!

Some where love is closer now

by: J.Lang
J Lang’s skills in the remix of Stellarartwars are nothing less than exceptional.
He chopped the vocals of Snowflake and Kara to perfection to create endless hooks. Amazing production!

Maisie's Dream

Gurdonark takes us on a journey as he follows the thread of inspiration from the rich musical catalog of Loveshadow into entertainment history as he uses the story of Mary Emma Jones, a 19th century stage actress, to illustrate how music connects us through shared stories and through melodies without a narrative. (I strongly encourage you to read Gurdonark’s notes.) Unique weirdbient sounds from one of ccMixter’s most inconclastic remixers.


State Shirt transformed Spinmeister stems to create a tightly produced moving modern pop song with gorgeous vocals that belies the seriousness of the lyrical content. Bravo!

Greetings to St Petersburg

Shut your eyes… let yourself drift away with onlymeith’s emotional, ambient, downtempo piano-based Secret Mixter remix of keytronic. Martijn de Boer joins them for this cinematic ride.
Kara Square

Paradigm Shifter ft. Rob Walker

Puts a bump in your rump!
MC Jack in the Box

We're Stronger as a Whole, Luv

New to ccMixter? Give this a listen for inspiration! Been hangin’ on ccM for a while? This track is guaranteed to give you a smile! (Wha wha wah!)

Copperhead’s the mastermind to this joyful pop hip-hop with Speck, J_lang, Snowflake, Sackjo22, My_Free_Mickey, Martijn_de_Boer joining musical forces to bring the fun to extreme!
Kara Square

Winding Into Gone (with Jazz)

Keytronic’s remix of Orrisroot’s “Winding into Gone” starts with some fresh downtempo, blissed-out samba rhythms and winds into a lush trippy,acid jazz adventure down the rabbit hole.