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Editors' Picks

Sound Machine

Fabulous build with and an exquisite sense of passion despite dystopian sounds. This electronic mix by Stefan Kartenberg, featuring the voices of Kristen Hirsch and Miss Judged is utterly engaging.

The Daisy Bell Suite

Experience this incredible offering from SackJo22 where she imagines how cognitive dysfunction might feel. Jeris, Speck/unfa, Harry Dacre, Edward Favor are featured in this remarkable piece that centers around the song “Daisy Bell” (written in 1892).
Kara Square

Only Love

Pop rock at its finest. Geert Veneklaas’ production of Shannon Hurley’s “Only Love” vocals is sensitive, dynamic, and beautifully arranged. Inspiring remix!
Kara Square

Loose Control

Are you looking for a rock anthem? Take a listen to Stefan Kartenberg’s remix of offlinebouncer. It reminds me a bit of The Wallflowers “Heroes.” But you know what? I think it’s far, far better.
Kara Square

Only Love

by: Alex
Another radio-ready remix from Alex featuring shannonsongs’ pella from “Only Love”.

Lost in 9

Longer than Hey Jude, but shorter than In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida — unless you play it twice in a row - which is what I found myself doing.


Hypnotic experimental electro by Bluemillenium that features Doxent’s laid-back, but enthralling vocals. So cool.
Kara Square

Bad Attraction

Cool as a cucumber blues rock from Unreal_dm featuring Brad Sucks. The sweet guitar solo and Brad’s killer voice solidified the pick. Time to listen!
Kara Square

This Is All U See ft Forensic

Enjoy The Stereo Inspectors’ infectious lo-fi groove straight from the juke joint on CCMixter Avenue. Hip hop electro-swing on bootlegged gin. TSI nails it!

Lick My Wounds Ft Ciggiburns

The best remix of Ciggiburns my ears possibly ever :-)

Wayo wayo, Danca Danca...

I am loving this track. HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!
Put together well and the vocal is also allowed to be one of the instruments with freedom to do what ever it likes.
Excellent mix. Wish I would have hear this like this. Top Drawer!

Peace! ;)~

Lost - Snowflake and Piero Peluche

Inspiring pop rock with top notch production, awesome guitar, beautiful piano, and stunning vocals. Piero Peluche’s remix of Snowflake is stellar… catchy and cool. Push play, already!
Kara Square

Only Love

Mykleanthony pulled out all of the stops in this stunning neo-soul-pop track that oozes romance. This remix of Shannon Hurley’s Only Love is simply beautiful.

motherless child

Expressive downtempo electronica remix with a nice slow build that develops a powerful emotional lure. Raja_ffm’s production and Snowflake’s vocals are a colossal combination.
Kara Square

On the Earth (and of the Tree -- A Grounding Meditation)

“To touch the earth is to have harmony with nature.” - Oglala Sioux

Aiflow well accompanies SackJo22’s soothing lyrics with a warm natural sounding remix. Feel your bare feet on the ground then bring this remix to your next visit to the massage therapist.