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....com there is no payment for this, apart from potential exposure. ideally, we are looking for any sort of rhythmic vocals that
... we are willing to pay for flash clips that we want for our site!
... before you have to pay we'll make some sample drums to your track, so you can be sure you want to pay for the work we have made. we
...i'm sure they don't pay a buck to youtube or to youtube users. ok, i hope that members could answer to this simple questions, be
...a sad occurrence. i kindly ask that the admins of ccmixter discuss with the admins of jamendo the challenge of integrating the latte
...enue which does not pay bmi or ascap licensing. thanks! blaine
...lly fuzonacid) will pay attention when submitting on ccmixter.
...for the pell, "payola moon shot blues"). so if the song has been removed, maybe the links should disappear or go to a sta
...ter i could imagine paying a few hundred dollars for hosting and bandwidth for a year or two. maybe a little more if i had a lot of
...) 06 cj renegade - payback (netherlands) 07 amorph - napht (brussels) 08 dablunt - sloth (uk) 09 the glorious monster - modern l
...ic. i would gladly pay $20 or even $30 for a cd by an artist if it came unmixed and ready to use. of course, i would expect the ar
...january and told to pay a $4,500 for downloading copyright-protected music or face a lawsuit for hundreds of thousands of dollars.[/