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Drum Inc.

permalink   Thu, Jul 19, 2007 @ 8:17 PM
Hello Everyone.
We are a couple of friends starting a new thing to get some work and get a little money.

Drums Inc.

We make drums for your tracks.
Solo artist, with Guitar and Bass and just need that sweet drum track to complete it all?
Amateur and broke band with no ways of recording drums?
You tried but it turned out really bad?
Hip Hop/Rap Artist, in need of a killer beat?
Heavy Metal Artist, with need of smashing Snares and Fast Kicks?
Pop artist, in the need of a sugar sweet beat?

We got everything and in Extreme Good Quality as well.

What we need from you is a Track without Drums, so we can work on it.
Everything above 96kbps .mp3 is accepted and saves everyone lots of time.
The finished drums will be send to you in .Wav 44.1khz, or other if specified.

Your track should be mailed to, as this mail is our main Central.

Before you have to pay we’ll make some sample drums to your track, so you can be sure you want to pay for the work we have made. We call it good Customer Service.

The first 25(Twenty-five) different tracks from different artists we receive is absolutely free of charge, so you can be sure that you really want and wanna pay for our services.

NOTE: Only 1(one) free track for each artist.

Please include following information in the mail, we will receive from you.

Artist Name: “e.g. Hillary Psycho Project X”

Track Name: “e.g. Left, and then up”

Track Length in minutes: “e.g. 4:32”

Track BPM: “e.g. 138” (Tracks recorded without Click are more time conversing and there a lot more. We will reply with information if this is the case)

Drums Wished: “e.g. simple Slow beat with fast High hats. Lots of Crashes” (The more information you provide here, the easier it is for us to give what you want)

Drum Start: “e.g.” “e.g.” (basically where you want the Drums to start in Bars/Time)

Rough amount of DIFFERENT Fills and which wanted: “e.g. roughly about 20. I would like a lot of Tom Fills under the Chorus and Solo” (The more information you give us here, the easier it is for us to give you the fills you want)

Mixed or non-mixed: “e.g. Non-mixed”

Which Format would you like to receive your drums: “e.g. Mp3 320 kbps”

Contact Information: “e.g. Contact me at this Email”

Other Information: “e.g. exactly what you want it to be”

Want to be Informed When your Track moves up in the line: “e.g. No”

Want to be informed when your track is getting its drums made: “e.g. yes”

We will then reply, with your number in the line and the expected time before the drums are done and other information.
On a heavy roll, expect up to 1 week of waiting time or in extreme condition up for month. Very rare that happens though.

As we expect to get a lot of emails about the free drum track, hurry up, so you get your drums fast and FREE of any charge.

We also have several Bonus Numbers.
Bonus numbers are little surprises for paying customers.
We can reveal a few of them here.

*Free mixing and fills*
*Totally free drum track*
*Only pay for fills and mixing*

We also have different Starting Prizes and Free Stuff.
One of them is:

*For every PAID drum track you get a Stamp, pay for 4 and get the 5th free*

2(two) out of 10(ten) are FREE of charge.

NOTE: Non-mixed Drum tracks will be send in 6 Different Sound files.
Snare, Kick, High hat, Overheads, Room, Toms. Zipped of course.

1 of our drum samples can be found [url=]Here [url]

Now to the Pricing:

A non-mixed single loop, 16 bars - 25 DKK 4.60 $**

A non-mixed full Drum track 0:01-3:00* in Length w/ Intro drums and Verse-to-Chorus
100 DKK
18.60 $**

A non-mixed full Drum Track 3:01-4:00* in Length w/ Intro drums and Verse-to-Chorus
150 DKK
27.90 $**

A non-mixed full Drum Track 4:01-5:00* in Length w/ Intro drums and Verse-to-Chorus
200 DKK
37.20 $**

A non-mixed full Drum Track 5:01-6:00* in Length w/ Intro drums and Verse-to-Chorus
250 DKK
46.40 $**

A non-mixed full Drum Track 6:01+* in Length w/ Intro drums and Verse-to-Chorus Drums.
300 DKK
55.70 $**

(Unless it hits 10:00* in length, then it will be 400 DDK 74.30 $. If Above 15:00* in
Length Email us with information and we will calculate a price)

Mixed drum tracks:
50 DKK + non-mixed price
9.30 $**+ non-mixed price

Fills*** comes in packages.
1-15 DIFFERENT fill(s)*** 15 DDK 2.80 $**
16-25 DIFFERENT Fills*** 25 DDK 4.60 $**
26-35 DIFFERENT fills*** 40 DDK 7.40 $**
36-45 DIFFERENT fills*** 50 DDK 9.30 $**
45+ DIFFERENT fills*** 60 DDK 11.10 $**

The more fills you have the more you save! You can save up to 20%!!

We hope we will be hearing from you soon.
Until then!

Happy Drumming!

The Drum INC. Crew

*All lengths are shown in minutes
**Dollar Currency is subject to change. Always check the rates, ask in the bank or check it on the Internet before making a transfer. Money will not be returned due to a Currency rate mistake.
*** Fills explained: Fills is 2/4-4/4 bar Drum break. Snare Rolls is NOT fills unless they are over a half bar (2/4) long. Toms are considered as fills unless they are part of the main beat. Intro fills and Verse-to-Chorus Fills are included in the non-mixed price.
permalink   Fri, Jul 20, 2007 @ 1:51 PM
We just uploaded new samples to our Temporary page..

We are also in the process of making a Myspace.. We cant really find a good design as off now, but we will probally make 1 our selves then..

We are trying to find someone who knows how to handle a website, code it, etc etc to help us make a real one..