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...sert ‚†growing from grains of‚†sand‚†created over millions of years from rocks being slowly worn away. the sand dunes of angles
...nd have eaten whole grain toast with chili cream cheese and black forest ham and had milk for breakfast. i tried to make music but o
...oice full of metal, grain and lyricism with a fragile tonal balance, coming in and out throughout the acapella. again, the style of
... a god, an angel, a grain of sand, and so on and so forth. yes under my surface it burns like in the forests at the mediterranean
...made out of layered grainsynths from the singing whale. ([i]syn fullmoon-whalegrains.flac[/i]) also it's a premiere: our first tr
...ll pass away like a grain of dust, but that quickly subsides when i think about a few things from my past that you all know now.
...k to you[/u] the grains and cracks of grey beneath my feet were smooth and dark the day they were laid down the tan lines and w
... saw the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, i held infinity in the palm of my hand and eternity in an hour
against the grain here's part 1 of my panu set list, first of a couple of little side dishes to my secret mixter submission kinda a tr...
...stance in viral and bacterial dna using python and aws by imogen wright through a creative commons attribution 3.0 license https:
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agrainehoody agrainehoody
agraine agraine
...zymes, and the good bacteria found in the mouth. she added some gentle tongue action and said it did the trick without injuring her
grainne grainne
notafraidofgrain notafraidofgrain
grain1018 grain1018
disgrainder disgrainder
rainer_escheberg rainer escheberg
...nment conducive for bacterial and fungal growth. whenever these microorganisms have thrived long enough, these produce noxious chemi
...every insect, every bacteria, every plant, every animal, every human, every politician - (laughter) is coded in that stuff. stworzen
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audiority grainspace - granular reverb processor - demo audiority sound library
la bacteria legionella aguanllea
lomeg_rom : voodles on contiguity: a grainy overview on joints and junctions bk at lomeg_rom : voodles on contiguity
lomeg_rom : voodles on contiguity: on spectators and grainy views bk at lomeg_rom : voodles on contiguity
00774 grain in bucket taking.wav robinhood76
tearing grains john keston
grainchaos.wav sampleconstruct
earlymorningrain.flac acclivity
walkingrainfree.wav sagetyrtle
dgraindrone2.flac clammyhands
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...ane ice as small as grains of sand, arranged into dunes by wind from the nearby mountains."
review of 'against the grain' by 'panu' diggin' the granular vinyl vibe. . . !!! thanks for all 3 tracks, great production on all. . ....
review of 'against the grain' by 'siobhan dakay' soul trip hop...par excellence. coolio.
review of 'pyramid folk' by '7oop3d' nice textures... some sort of grain/karplus-strong? driving tempo! chapeau. what you do, so, grain of salt. this is a masterpiece (okay, i lied about not praising you more).
review of 'the beach (amazon jungle mix)' by 'texasradiofish' infinite grains of beat!
review of 'hibernate 'til new year's day' by 'urmymuse' nice bit of accordion, works well with the grain of kara's original [up][/up] subconsciously engrained in my mind from watching 80s movies? the screaming and wind-like sounds are awesome ambient touches. t
...(very) little salty grain is the sudden ending.
review of 'fear in our minds' by 'admiral bob' like a blend of grainy footage and people singing in a storm sewer. slightly disturbing (i...
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...s. ((hands you some grains of salt.)) *meow* p.s. i noticed some features creeping up in anticipation of the charts feature. i
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