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Pareidolia Megamix

uploaded: Wed, Feb 14, 2024 @ 9:46 AM last modified: Tue, Feb 20, 2024 @ 11:08 PM  (replace)
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A tale of a man losing his mind making music and working too much…

“Sleep Deprivation 2024”
The man at work, too tired
“I Don’t Wanna Go To Sleep”
He mixes music when he gets home and does not sleep
He begins to see things
“Spaced Invaders 2024”
He thinks he’s Lord Z from the Planet Intrastar.

Individual song mixes included.
FOUR SONGS, including one remix.
The fresh pellas from “Spaced Invaders” and “Sleep Deprivation” are separate downloads, they will go up shortly. The BPM represents “Pareidolia” only.

“Sleep Deprivation” and “Spaced Invaders” are new performances of songs from 2012 with a new BPM.


Late nights in the lab, eyes blurry, seeing stars,
Faces in the clouds, in my coffee, in the bars.
Mind playing tricks, got me seeing things,
Pareidolia, in the shadows it sings.

Stressed out, brain’s in a maze,
Faces in the raindrops, lost in the haze.
On the grind, but my mind’s on a trip,
Seeing smiles in the patterns, letting reality slip.

Fatigue’s got me on a different plane,
In every random shape, stories unchain.
Eyes playing games, in the textures I scroll,
Finding faces, finding tales, losing control.

In the chaos of the pixels, a hidden lore,
In the whispers of the noise, a mythical roar.
Staring at the ceiling, in the plaster I see,
A world of faces staring back at me.


Stress-drawn faces in the stillness unfold.
Tales emerge, in the dimness, they hold.

Shadows dance, in the quiet they’re bold.
In the hush, life’s mirage takes hold.


In the static of screens, illusions dance,
Hallucinations born from a tired glance.
Faces in the wood grain, whispering doom,
In every corner of the room, they loom.

Echoes in the silence, stress’s cruel art,
Pareidolia’s painting tears my world apart.
In the fabric of reality, seams fray,
In the mundane, shadows play.

Lost in the mirage of the mind’s deceit,
Every surface a face, every line repeats.
In the flicker of lights, demons awake,
In the ordinary, a haunting take.

Pareidolia, a curse in the weary brain’s spin,
Finding horror in nothing, a chaotic din.
In the relentless search for what’s not there,
In the grip of fatigue, a relentless despair.

"Pareidolia Megamix"
by coruscate

2024 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (4.0)

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