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Shoes are prone to harbor bad odor for a good reason. These are constantly exposed to moisture produced by our feet’s sweat. Furthermore, shoes protect our feet from getting wet from the rain or other external sources of moisture outside. As moisture accumulates into the fabric, this creates an environment conducive for bacterial and fungal growth. Whenever these microorganisms have thrived long enough, these produce noxious chemicals that can disperse into the air which causes bad odor. Other than commercial shoe odor eliminators, another cost effective solution would be resorting to an activated charcoal odor absorber.

Activated charcoal’s efficiency in eliminating air pollutants is high and this natural air purifier can rival even the best chemical based air purifiers. Bamboo activated charcoal’s bad odor removing power can be attributed to its vast surface area for filtering the noxious substances in the air. Whenever you find yourself smelling stink from your shoes, this stink is made up of countless noxious chemicals produced by the microorganisms that thrive on moisture within your shoes. Putting activated bamboo charcoal in your shoes can eliminate bad smells emitted by your stinky shoes. Spraying your shoes with commercial fragrant scents may not be enough to eliminate the bad odor. For one thing, these commercial shoe deodorizers may only mask the bad odor but never remove it entirely. Once the fragrance is gone, you are left with bad shoe odor once more. Another drawback you may encounter with these commercial sprays is that they may compound to the noxious problem. The mixture of bad and fragrant odor may become intolerable for people with sensitive nose. Either way, relying on such deodorizers may not give you a return of investment. With activated bamboo charcoal deodorizers, you can be sure that it does a good job at absorbing bad odor and never mask the problem. Because it is so effective at neutralizing any odor, even fragrant scents can be removed by it.

Perhaps, the only drawback is you could not smell anything at all from your shoes after using activated bamboo charcoal on it. At least you get bad odor free shoes in the process. Another advantage of using activated bamboo charcoal shoe deodorizers is their ability to remain effective for long periods of time. You can check out additional information of bamboo activated charcoal. Whenever you opt for one, you can be sure that your use of it can last you for months without bothering to buy another set. Unless you got a lot of shoes needed to be deodorized, activated bamboo charcoal shoe deodorizers are cost effective and durable to last long. It is important to remember to store these at dry and free from moisture when not in use to maintain their effectiveness. If they do get soaked, you can simply have it out for a sun dry and it will free up the moisture and be an effective odor remover once more. If ever you are in the market for a long lasting and effective shoe deodorizer, you can check it at this link.
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