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...ettings include: frequency: 0.08, amount: 85 reverberance: 50%, room scale: 100%, hf damping: 50%, pre delay: 0 ms, stereo dep
... experimenting with frequency panning for the vox. loads of chopping/tail-looping for the drums and bass. short but sweet, maybe t
... and have a carrier frequency of 432 hz. delta waves are associated with deep sleep, healing and access to the unconscious mind. ([u
... set with a carrier frequency of 432 hz to match sackjo22's crystal singing bowls. the delta waves gradually travel from 4 hz down t
...ubwoofer, the lower frequency stereo panning was masked. chopped off some of the intro where the effect was move prevalent but the
...ething in the lower frequency so i ended up also adding blake's drone, so i guess now it's a remix. (?) anyway, the raw ratchet rec
...ed bee hive "noise" frequency range looks to be about 50hz to 10khz with more energy in the 100hz to 2khz range. the buzzing noise p
... the loss of high-frequency sibilants and fricatives by maxxing out volume or turning up treble on tvs & radios hand-cup
... the loss of high-frequency sibilants and fricatives by maxxing out volume or turning up treble on tvs & radios hand-cup
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neonfrequency neonfrequency know the correct frequency of sending out automated messages to create the conversions that you need! while it may be expected th terms of energy, frequency and vibration. tesla "the power of holy full on show me the answar long time ago" think in te
...xperiences. each frequency is associated with a specific state. lets say for example that you would like to improve your ability
...mixing. filter frequency for clearer voice and control of vocal:- in other styles of music this extreme filtering may be too m
djmoodfrequency djmoodfrequency
moodfrequency moodfrequency [b]dj moood frequency[/b] |artist|composer|dj|producer|remix dj|
...range’ use of the frequency spectrum that i attempt to find a different and exciting sound world which breaks free from the confin
... an embrace of soul frequency. my influences: dreaming. sleeping. dancing. making love. hearts breaking. birth. death. falling in
...o am rather than fm frequency. it's something about that ol' static. it's like the pop of a record. the sound of it is there, but it
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frequency.wav mo_damage
low frequency oscillator.wav mo_damage
low frequency pulsing rumble.aiff zappa_was_god
frequency_change_approved.wav corsica_s
random frequency modulation (reverbed)_2.wav timbre
night crickets-hi frequency.wav sunsinger
radio_frequency.mp3 themfish
kindersurprise_frequency.wav maarten_wez
300px-variablefrequency.wav noisecollector
tonic short tick with low frequency delays.flac jovica
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...kes full use of the frequency spectrum, and sackjo22's vocals blend in nicely. outstanding work :) [up][/up][up][/up]
...coming--at whatever frequency you choose!
review of 'rorate caeli/kyrie eleison' by 'bluemillenium' hey !![up][/up] a mixture of rhythm, voice and frequency, you are great. th... perfectly in its frequency and placement. your transitions are delicious. i dig how you brought that bridge back again at the end
review of 'escape' by 'apoxode' mega sweet! this is a sonic adventure, lots of frequency dynamics and textures. i love cut'n'paste collag...
...nt, there isn't any frequency clash ... sorry to hear you're still in bedrest :( well done, snowflake, this is an epic remix!
review of 'there is a sound' by 'geoffpeters' oooh this is so moody! love the lower frequency treatment on this one. thanks apoxode for s... made this clear frequency separation. not only the track is appealing - it is technically top notch.
...ous sometimes, near frequency. then add the track title, been their them and i, hooked up waiting. glad i squeezed in a surgical to
review of 'white in the moon** the other side of the moon remix' by 'apoxode' very fine frequency detailing, the low-end is balanced well...
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