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Mixtapes is collection of audio music. We provides best music collection to the world as desired. We includes songs with remixed music as new generation wants. It also includes different-different types of music and songs according to culture or environment. It is mingling of all types of music with different singing language. As well as technology changes the medium of recording also gets changed for better results or voice clarity and for fast music players with a better decibels or Hertz like a compact dist (CDs), external memories pen drives , hard disks etc. are used. The offered in the Mixtapes format is supplied purely for listening and enjoyment and hopefully to encourage peoples of tape with different categories of music.

Now we will see how music occurs in tapes. For making a great Music picks the dedication of either a good DJ or good audio or audio engineer or audio software wizard. Many of the Programmer offered software or tools for automatically of song with DJ, with different types of beats, with drums, vocals Etc .Mixing of albums takes the real efforts and skills or talent that only comes with practice. A normal mixing of tape is done by normal peoples like add beats, drums, eco, bass, vibe.Etc. at anywhere in the song. A great mix tape will pick you on ride with the flow of music mixing .The Great mix tape stand the test of time and still be listenable long after the song lost their popularity, because a great mix tape is more then sum of different vocal and vibes, It is overall experience of DJ creates with remixes, blends and overall style of mix. A great music has ability to inspire the people of more. It has proper mixing of beats, strong energetic vibes and other musical instrumental combination. The role of a music producer is not necessarily a technical one, also with the physical aspects of recording being assumed by the audio engineer, and so producers often leave the similarly technical process to a specialist audio mixer. Even producers with a technical background may prefer that a mixer comes in to take care of the final stage of the production process.

My Free Mixtapes has a heart touching collection for world with deeply understanding of mixing. It is a endless and have fully world’s music collection with great music instrumental mixing and styles. We mixing of different songs with the different groups, categories, occasions, festivals, parties, special nights, romantics, Love and also emotional and musical arcs also for God. It has information to get software for mixing of songs with different musical instruments. It also provides links to get software and musical instrument for mixing purpose. Although a “comprehensive” the different genres or categories of Mixtapes could be extended indefinitely, creating taxonomy of mix tape is a project that many mix tape enthusiasts have intuitively attempted. The different types of mix tapes identified on community sites, such as found track and art of mix (which list over two hundred genres), indicate the variety of potential categories. Some other types of mixing also available in the world of music includes categories of driving mix, the workout mix, the party mix, the crazy mix, the didactic mix (intended to educate the recipient as to the essential works of a particular artist or genre), the concept/ theme mix( e.g. at any festival or a mix of Christmas songs, songs about cars, covers of songs by a particular artist or similar), and mood mix ( e.g. , a mix of songs indented to sustain a specific mood, stated or unstated :- notable sub genres include the romantic mix and the break-up mix).Mainly good mixing depends on the following things:-

Reference and relation:-
One can never stress enough how important it is to reference your mixes on a wide variety of playback system and have deep relation between song and mixing vibe. It feels natural to turn something you want to hear more of up in the mix. This tactic may not always serve you well though. First try to work out what you should turn down in the audio mix in order to achieve the same result. Controls the overall levels of mixing

Keep an ear on each beat or compression:-
Avoid the overuse of compression. Too much compression on various tracks can quickly add up to a flat, lifeless and one-dimensional mix. Too much compression may also result in unwanted distortion to the final bus.
Restrict the reverb:-
Don’t use too many different types of reverb and effects in the same mix. Try to limit yourself to only 2 or 3 different reverbs. This way you will keep a better handle on the stereo image and special clarity of your mix. Equalize each reverb on the mixer rather than in the reverb unit.

Balancing of Beats:-
Balancing plays very important role in audio mixing. Balancing of mixing shows original theme. Balancing the instruments to get a great mix of each song, By use of correct balancing we can polish existing mixes Or songs. Balance mixing provides the proper taste to song. While mixing care of the level and tonal mix beats and vibes or loud and quiet section which creates the actual taste of mixing.

Filter frequency for clearer voice and control of vocal:-
In other styles of music this extreme filtering may be too much. Instruments with a more organic frequency response, such as acoustic guitars, drums, brass and wind instruments plays important role in mixing. Don’t use hard filtering, some time it crushes the song’s softness.
Song’s softness is very important for better listening.

By logging at buymixtapes You will be able to get all type mixing information and music mixing instrument. This Mixtapes also provides opportunity to people to mix their own choices songs with desired music mix beats. By click on the link you can download mixer software and mixed songs in famous languages.
We provides following Mixing
Special valentines mix and love affairs for you lovely people. Cassette is “Date with the rain” of singer Eddy kendrics, “Promise”..Etc
Traditional folk and electronic instrumental library weirdness and an elegant folk style of peter Lang. and other included.
It includes Baby music mix for children’s and also have classical music mixing.

All the Dancing style mixing like Hip Hop, ballroom dance & folk dance ,belly dance, Brazilian tango, Jazz, African dance Like in the Black Heart3 ,Dance with me and Etc Cassettes.
Mix tape includes all the cultural activities song mixing of the world.
All the emotional music mixing even for baby in womb and some of natural scenes which creates a feeling of calm, smoothness, or light are also added in it.
Song Mixing for Nature and natural scene happening in the world with the great loneliness and light music mixing and so on.
Tape has special music mixing for night parities, and romance at night.
It includes all songs mixing of all region related to whole world and their festivals, occasions, and also available for special day.
It has mixing with rappers and with high speed channel for special parties.

Our Music has a capability to fulfill everyone’s desire for music song. We have Heart touching collection for you lovely people. The mixing done in the Mixtapes is forever.
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