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...and a place (once a year in your home) but please keep it out of the woods where i roam and what were you thinking? what gives
...n brings in various species of flies who are happy to gorge themselves on the stuff and lay their eggs amongst it all. i live with
cetacean meditation it's interesting how we --as a species-- are looking for intelligent life in the universe while we fail to recognize ...
...n my garden several years ago to see if i could entice a monarch butterfly to lay her eggs. it worked. over the course of a few ye us for a million years no going back it's always attack and it's always going to end in tears ,solidarity_songs,remix,pell,media
...terpillars for many years now, and observing their process of metamorphosis has pulled me through my own difficulties. with our w
...he evolution of our species. [u]i'm waiting[/u] by madam snowflake waiting to feel the earth beneath my moving feet waiting
...nion. then over the years as military and financial might strengthened,others were added to the list. and yet for all of the yea defective in our species. what compels us to create tools made only to end the life of another being? is that our right? to
...rse or just another species, no more or less important than all the others. thoughts pass through my mind and out again, like medita
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species709 species709
...ct, in case you are previously wearing and tear these files. that always paramount to help recycle documentation signal than composi
huepow00 huepow00 [b]species:[/b] bunny [b]age:[/b] 21 [i]~dont get mad, get furry~[/i] [b]california, us[/b] [b]progressive hard t...
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lost tarantula species found after 100 years! watch this amazing discovery! tarantupedia™
gat friccion - "the birth of a new species" masuno imagen digital
lost in space (the alien sex secrets) part 1-voyage to infinity space. part 2-sex with the alien.part 3-the birth of a new species (its alive!) the abogix (j.k.)
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...ting how we —as a species— are looking for intelligent life in the universe while we fail to recognize what is going on in the o
... wiser with earth's species in the future
...tives of all animal species, who, as mankind’s politics have failed, are organizing an international conference toachieve peace on
...ating with nonhuman species on earth.
review of 'patchwork built' by 'gurdonark' really clever use of samples to create a fun mix: in my mind a futuristic species of robot vac...
review of 'the end of the world' by 'radioontheshelf' some years ago i read an article that said we do not need to fear the bombs and agg...
review of 'tracing my steps' by 'snowflake' the history of our species depresses me. human nature is dysfunctional. i wonder, can we ever... dissapearing the species of of red ants and the species of flesh eating bacteries are on the rise. in the nature there is an up
... a self-destructing species. and i for one appreciate your reminder to 'be the change'.
review of 'a visible piece of humanity' by 'spinmeister' stunning work! -- here's to hoping that eventually our species will figure out h...
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