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Tue, Jul 25 9:18 AM soundtails review of Take Me Home by Loveshadow
Tue, Jul 25 1:15 AM Mr. Pepino review of Head Noise by Quarkstar
Yes! Great industrial music, i like the combination of percussions and this dist...
Mon, Jul 24 7:36 PM Songboy3 review of Take Me Home by Loveshadow
I might be biased but LS can do no wrong. And he already knows I totally relate...
Mon, Jul 24 4:10 PM Loveshadow review of better by sleeperspaceborn
This mix for me remains one of the most inspired and beautifully produced tracks...
Mon, Jul 24 4:05 PM Loveshadow review of stars as bright by sleeperspaceborn
The lights were off when this arrived obviously. Would not have found it if I ha...
Mon, Jul 24 1:18 PM Javolenus review of Turkish Delite by Rey Izain
Hey Rey ... dat's Kool, man! ;-)
Mon, Jul 24 1:17 PM Javolenus review of F#Jam by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow! This track is amazing. Very impressive. All additions are wonderful. And th...
Mon, Jul 24 7:48 AM Martin Cee (softmartin) review of Little Robot's Dream (Waltz) by Siobhan Dakay
Subtle, mesmerising, beautiful!
Mon, Jul 24 5:46 AM texasradiofish review of Rocky Road to Dublin by Stefan Kartenberg
Make it folky! Irish style
Mon, Jul 24 5:44 AM texasradiofish review of slowLane by airtone
nice style fusion, AT
Mon, Jul 24 5:42 AM texasradiofish review of Nadeya feat. Afroganic (House ReMix) by Mr. Pepino
World music!
Mon, Jul 24 5:41 AM texasradiofish review of Primitive People by Scomber
Is that a ray gun in your pocket?
Mon, Jul 24 5:40 AM texasradiofish review of This Wheel's on Fire (ft. airtone) by robwalkerpoet
Heavy mellow poetry!
Mon, Jul 24 5:29 AM texasradiofish review of Beats Me by Speck
Mon, Jul 24 5:22 AM texasradiofish review of Pay Attention by Red Sky Lullaby
Fresh beat, RSL
Mon, Jul 24 5:18 AM texasradiofish review of Easy Killer by reiswerk
Killer Diller!
Mon, Jul 24 5:16 AM texasradiofish review of Countryside Summer Joyride by Kara Square
Chitlin' circuit straight beat blues. Just like on the TV and in the pictures sh...
Mon, Jul 24 5:13 AM texasradiofish review of A Thousand Songs Away by Stefan Kartenberg
Chitlin' circuit roadhouse shuffle!
Mon, Jul 24 4:43 AM Speck review of Little Robot's Dream (Waltz) by Siobhan Dakay
Wonderful track.
Mon, Jul 24 3:08 AM texasradiofish review of Tender Steps by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Heavy Mellow music, MdB
Mon, Jul 24 2:40 AM texasradiofish review of Before the Plough by Quarkstar
Clearly, pre-plough worthy music, Q Very folksy
Mon, Jul 24 2:35 AM texasradiofish review of Space Chicks And Bill (with Javolenus) by Speck
Gotta love Speck with a beat!
Mon, Jul 24 2:33 AM texasradiofish review of Up Until Now by Robbero
This is very well done, R Binge watched four HBO episodes of the Defiant Ones. ...
Mon, Jul 24 2:20 AM texasradiofish review of Ceramic Slide in Blue Lagoon by Stefan Kartenberg
Sounds like authentic good ol' boy music
Mon, Jul 24 2:17 AM texasradiofish review of All As One by charlie_charles
Absolutely fabulous backing track and groove, CC Unfortunately, vocal does not ...
Mon, Jul 24 2:13 AM texasradiofish review of La tortue rouge est nee by Bluemillenium
Bien fusionné de sons, B très créatif
Mon, Jul 24 2:08 AM texasradiofish review of Saturday Night by debbizo
Great tune Slamming rhythm, D!
Mon, Jul 24 2:03 AM texasradiofish review of The Rainstick by Stefan Kartenberg
Spatial Floaty Heavy Mellow Music! ";0)
Mon, Jul 24 1:59 AM texasradiofish review of Little Robot's Dream (Waltz) by Siobhan Dakay
Positronic brain experiencing something akin to human dreams? Elvex has left bui...
Sun, Jul 23 1:29 PM panu review of Big Girl by Loveshadow
'Zent. . . . !!! big thumbage. . . !!! . . . . .