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Wed, Jun 5 11:10 AM urmymuse review of Come Inside by 7OOP3D
Excellent, bounces along lovely
Wed, Jun 5 11:02 AM urmymuse review of Madam Snowflake Speaks by Apoxode
natural, spiritual and free works really well, love it
Wed, Jun 5 10:41 AM Javolenus review of Speculation Street by Robbero
Nice & deeeeep! :-)
Wed, Jun 5 2:48 AM Speck review of Crystal Cave by Apoxode
Great sounds and very cool groove.
Mon, Jun 3 4:51 PM Apoxode review of Speculation Street by Robbero
Sweet! Ah, brings back good memories of Selfie and the other remixes. Nice low-r...
Mon, Jun 3 2:16 PM Apoxode review of Amber Clouds In Vancouver 2019 (Free Electronic Film Music) by geoffpeters
Shimmering electronic lullaby -- the somber melodic narrative unfolds easily wit...
Mon, Jun 3 2:06 PM Apoxode review of Sirius by Sascha Ende
Driven New Age Lounge -- spiritual and meditative. Complements any dramatic even...
Mon, Jun 3 2:00 PM Kara Square review of Come Inside My Foolish Acid Trip - Murray Studer (Whitewolf) by Whitewolf225
Excellent, creative mix. Experimental and completely engaging.
Mon, Jun 3 1:52 PM Apoxode review of Saschas Things by Sascha Ende
High quality synth-wave that could have easily charted big in 1985! Name any syn...
Mon, Jun 3 1:42 PM Apoxode review of 1000 Lichter (1000 lights) by Sascha Ende
Stunning cinematic experience! This is big screen level music that works on its ...
Mon, Jun 3 1:31 PM Apoxode review of Sevenly Melancholia by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Double recommend -- this works great as a scene, for a scene, as a backdrop for ...
Mon, Jun 3 12:16 PM urmymuse review of Unify by Snowflake
Lovely sentiments beautifully expressed
Mon, Jun 3 1:58 AM Speck review of Skate Break by Apoxode
These should be fun to explore. Thanks for sharing.
Mon, Jun 3 1:56 AM Speck review of Sirius by Sascha Ende
Great group of uploads, and thanks for the so many samples.
Mon, Jun 3 1:53 AM Speck review of Sevenly Melancholia by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Melancholic excellence.
Sun, Jun 2 6:24 PM Apoxode review of Memories Of Liquid Sky by Speck
Love it! Splendid Hi-Fi-Sci-Fi feast. Great use of the ring-mods, nicely dizzyin...
Sun, Jun 2 2:14 PM geoffpeters review of Old Tabla Night by septahelix
Love what you did here! Thank you septahelix :)
Sun, Jun 2 1:24 PM reiswerk review of Drunk Starlight by septahelix
Sun, Jun 2 11:11 AM Javolenus review of Sevenly Melancholia by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Beautiful, evocative remix. Quality sounds & production. Atmospheric & spacious....
Sun, Jun 2 9:20 AM Sascha Ende review of Victoria's Secrets by Radioontheshelf
Do you have the wet vocal? I would like to remaster it ;)
Sun, Jun 2 2:56 AM Apoxode review of saturdaynitesun by Martin Cee (softmartin)
It sounds like it's powered by steam -- a sort of factory atmosphere in the ind...
Sun, Jun 2 2:47 AM Apoxode review of at the sealine by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice and eerie, those synths are haunted! :)
Sat, Jun 1 4:45 PM Apoxode review of Stellar Heart Beat by texasradiofish
Pumpin'! Rich tones and bright beats round it out nice and tight. Great job! :)...
Sat, Jun 1 2:38 PM panu review of By The Time I Reached Matilda by Radioontheshelf
Sat, Jun 1 10:21 AM Bluemillenium review of Stellar Heart Beat by texasradiofish
Excellent and pro, very good track !
Sat, Jun 1 3:41 AM texasradiofish review of Getting Old by Dan_Mantau
Tight grooves, DM
Sat, Jun 1 3:39 AM texasradiofish review of Slow Lane by Scomber
Might fine storytelling, Leon
Sat, Jun 1 3:35 AM texasradiofish review of Narada by Rizkey G
Sat, Jun 1 3:34 AM texasradiofish review of Our Obsession With by Apoxode
Good glitching, A
Sat, Jun 1 3:32 AM texasradiofish review of Monnaie,industrie by Bluemillenium
Smooth, B