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Wed, Jun 6 11:09 AM Kara Square review of Spell on Drums 140 by Apoxode
Very cool drums! So are you making the beats from ALL of those samples? Impressi...
Wed, Jun 6 1:02 AM loforweb review of Rich by Alex
Thanks Alex for your music ! I made a timelapse about the tide on Ouessant, an ...
Wed, Jun 6 12:51 AM loforweb review of Reverie (small theme) by _ghost
The themename suits this music well : makes me dream, makes me slow down. Thank ...
Tue, Jun 5 3:19 PM Apoxode review of she loves strawberries ... by urmymuse
Love this! From start to finish, evokes Cocteau Twins, my favorite band.
Tue, Jun 5 4:18 AM Speck review of Magnolia Dance by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice laid back listening experience.
Mon, Jun 4 2:36 PM urmymuse review of Au temple de la DS_V2 by Bluemillenium
nice one my dad preferred the vauxhall viva
Mon, Jun 4 4:31 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of Black Spider by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice Stefan, much enjoyed!
Mon, Jun 4 4:09 AM Speck review of In Your Light 140 by Apoxode
Crazy creative funkiness. Love it.
Mon, Jun 4 4:04 AM Speck review of In Your Drums 140 by Apoxode
Fantastic. Drum on.
Mon, Jun 4 3:57 AM Speck review of Black Spider by Stefan Kartenberg
Very cool amphibious arachnid. Nicely done.
Mon, Jun 4 3:50 AM Speck review of Lean Into It by short hopper
A very nice gathering.
Sun, Jun 3 2:57 PM urmymuse review of Lean Into It by short hopper
Sun, Jun 3 2:48 PM urmymuse review of Black Spider by Stefan Kartenberg
Sun, Jun 3 2:44 PM urmymuse review of Funk with Me 140 by Apoxode
extra bangin
Sun, Jun 3 2:36 PM urmymuse review of Chance Encounter by Aussens@iter
heavy fantastic guitar
Sun, Jun 3 2:12 PM robwalkerpoet review of Free In Philadelphia by Mirek Kuzniar
Thanks Mirek. Your music adds power to my words.
Sun, Jun 3 1:05 PM urmymuse review of Dry as a Bone by texasradiofish
Sensational !!!! Great organ fab guitar
Sun, Jun 3 1:00 PM urmymuse review of End of the Game by Scomber
The world needs mechanical engineers it's true .... maddy has got a great voice ...
Sun, Jun 3 12:41 PM urmymuse review of Virtual Gods by ingemannStrunch
Nice one
Sun, Jun 3 12:36 PM urmymuse review of In Your Light 140 by Apoxode
Crazy smurf action ... love it that's a whole lot of samples btw
Sun, Jun 3 12:27 PM urmymuse review of Sinister Minister by Mirek Kuzniar
Heavy with slight edge equals sinister feel
Sun, Jun 3 12:21 PM urmymuse review of For My Late Friend by Mirek Kuzniar
Funereal vibe very fitting for robs poem
Sun, Jun 3 3:25 AM Rewob review of Detachment by Aussens@iter
Cool vib, nice guitar and keyboard. Good work.
Sun, Jun 3 3:20 AM Rewob review of Adaptation Is Surrender by Speck
Beautifully laid back, good vocal, superb chord structure. Nice mix. I would lov...
Sun, Jun 3 3:17 AM Rewob review of Age of AI (d'n'b mix) by Mr. Pepino
Spooky track good work
Sun, Jun 3 3:13 AM Rewob review of The Mac Flo by RizkeyG
Great track, good work here
Sun, Jun 3 3:07 AM Rewob review of End of the Game by Scomber
Cool vib here.Nice work
Sat, Jun 2 1:18 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of Lean Into It by short hopper
very nice mix - thanks for using my samples
Sat, Jun 2 3:53 AM airtone review of Airtonal by Speck
Your tracks always have a lot of creative freedom but are also very thoughtful a...
Sat, Jun 2 3:23 AM Speck review of Piano Improv (24 bars) by duckett
What a happy find. I dig this muchly.