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Reviews for "Don't Stop (mizzG mix)"

Don't Stop (mizzG mix)
by Girlio
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Thu, Jun 30, 2005 @ 11:00 AM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Thu, Jun 30, 2005 @ 6:53 AM
Nice job MizzG. Great job with the syncing of vocals. Had me thinking Geoff (the Rapper) was in your studio.
Very nice job.
Analog By Nature
permalink   Thu, Jun 30, 2005 @ 1:29 PM
pretty damn good…. sweet vocals eh?
permalink   Fri, Jul 1, 2005 @ 10:38 AM
wow!!!!!! excelent.. i’m new to this site and haven’t heard very much, but that is first class…..
permalink   Fri, Jul 1, 2005 @ 12:01 PM
excellent drums, very nice track.
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
permalink   Fri, Jul 1, 2005 @ 2:51 PM
Very Southern feel to it. Chances the whole style of lyrics. Sort of Mannie Fresh-ish.
permalink   Mon, Jul 4, 2005 @ 8:27 PM
this is pretty damn good…rEALLy good drum fills and variations. as mentioned above, great vocal sample sync’ing too.
: )
permalink   Wed, Jul 13, 2005 @ 12:02 PM
very well put your style…….slick and neat with a hot groove……cheers……..PX
permalink   Sun, Jul 17, 2005 @ 2:59 AM
wow , i really like the way you did this one! This is different from my own styles of music but i have to say that this one sounds real good!!! Really really great job!!! 5 stars from me!
Minus Kelvin
permalink   Fri, Jul 22, 2005 @ 5:09 PM
Excellent job… :) Really cool drums and I love the jazzy touches. I wish there was more stuff that sounded like this on the radio. My only suggestion for improvement would maybe be to make the vocals a little bit more inside the sound of the music. They sound a little too loud compared to the mix. It sounds like there is a severe stereo spread on a bass and bass drum sample that is making it sound a little muddy at times. Also, there is a very high-pitched click that happens a lot… not sure if that’s on purpose either or if it is a sample "artifact". It’s subtle things I am talking about… i still gave it a 5 rating! Also, I want to say the ending is kinda weird… like it was by accident. I think you could cut off like 3 seconds and end it on the snare fill to downbeat and it would sound more intentional.
permalink   Tue, Aug 16, 2005 @ 7:20 PM
dope…i love the jazzy shit at the end. can i have a sample? and i think the ending was a nice touch.
permalink   Mon, Nov 28, 2005 @ 1:46 AM
very nice melody went together good job 10/10
The Null Pointer Exceptions
permalink   Wed, Jan 18, 2006 @ 12:40 AM
This track is solid work. You should probably just download it.