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My Apocalypse Now
by Jeris
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Fri, Mar 11, 2011 @ 9:10 PM

Uses samples from:

MC Jack in the Box
permalink   Fri, Mar 11, 2011 @ 9:15 PM
No Doubt, quite the quirky little arrangement. I’m a sucker for a Fender Rhodes.
permalink   Jeris Fri, Mar 11, 2011 @ 9:21 PM
Hmmm…quirky is a good word for this, I’ll add the tag. It’s funny, I have a real rhodes, but on this track the virtual one sounded more appropriate.
Donnie Drost
permalink   Sat, Mar 12, 2011 @ 12:10 AM
Fantastic, especially the broken drum sounds.
Moreover very suitable instruments for Kaers outstanding voice.
permalink   Jeris Sat, Mar 12, 2011 @ 3:17 AM
Thank you. I originally had just a piano backing it, but then it become obvious that it needed to be rhodes. I had a lot more drum activity with breaks and fills too, but they seemed a bit much. I really loved her voice and lyrics as well, I was surprised I hadn’t heard this before. Then when I saw how many remixes there were, I was afraid the interpretation would have already been done, but I liked Kaer’s song so much, I was like…oh well.
permalink   Sat, Mar 12, 2011 @ 1:48 AM
I love everything about this so it’s almost difficult to comment and pick something to comment on. I’ll just say, I loved hearing this tonight.
permalink   Jeris Sat, Mar 12, 2011 @ 3:18 AM
Thank you for the kind words :)
permalink   Sat, Mar 12, 2011 @ 11:40 AM
This is very good - has a unique style and an individual presentation -
interpreting a singers songs can be fun and it seems you must have enjoyed this.
I miss Kaer - she is not active on mixter anymore. I found her an alluring songstress and an inventive collaborator when we worked together.
permalink   Jeris Mon, Mar 14, 2011 @ 5:26 AM
Thank you. Yes, I enjoyed this very much. It’s always fun to try and figure out where a song or vocal should be. It’s almost more fun when you discover some other completely different interpretation. I think it’s the same with inventions or business ideas.. You’re always like “ha, why didn’t I think of that!” ;)
permalink   Sun, Mar 13, 2011 @ 5:18 AM
Charming. Would be great for a romcom waltz scene that transitions into the memory montage that then cuts back to the break-up scene, still on the dance floor. But cooler than that.
permalink   Jeris Mon, Mar 14, 2011 @ 5:30 AM
Cool, thanks Speck. I don’t know what you do for a living, but I think you should be scoring for film and doing sound design with your skill and imagination.
I guess we all want to do that though.

I can’t wait to get my hands on some scoring software myself. I’m thinking Hollywood Strings, or symphobia or both, but it’s soooo much $$;(
Kara Square
permalink   Wed, Mar 16, 2011 @ 2:08 PM
This is a joy! Very quirky cool, poppy boppy song… first time I’ve heard the vocalist, so thanks also for the exposure.
permalink   Jeris Wed, Mar 16, 2011 @ 3:04 PM
Thank you. I was new to this vocalist as well.