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How Lucky I Am
by CiggiBurns
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Sat, Mar 21, 2009 @ 10:52 AM
permalink   Sat, Mar 21, 2009 @ 11:02 AM
How lucky we are that you posted this!
permalink   CiggiBurns Sat, Mar 21, 2009 @ 11:12 AM
Well my Saturday just got 100% better. Thank you so much, spinmeister. x
permalink   Sat, Mar 21, 2009 @ 1:15 PM
Cig, m’ dear you get better each time. your vocal tone is open, great control over the power & emotion you possess, and your soul triplet/arpeggios are pitch perfect. i hear the ghosts of dusty springfield & jackie deshannon and it makes me want to write some more for you. great job. lady.
permalink   CiggiBurns Sat, Mar 21, 2009 @ 2:24 PM
I’m speechless - which is unusual for me. What a fantastic review! I’m glowing. Thank you, panu. x
permalink   Sat, Mar 21, 2009 @ 11:03 PM
You must have cleaned those windows.
S x
permalink   Tue, Mar 24, 2009 @ 11:35 PM
Lovely! Filed under “My coming projects”
permalink   CiggiBurns Wed, Mar 25, 2009 @ 2:20 AM
That’s what I call the best kind of news. Thank you, SP.
permalink   Wed, Apr 1, 2009 @ 5:05 AM
It is very interesting to hear your interpreation of this song - I have heard Panu sing it also and so it adds another layer of perception. Interpreting other peoples songs is so creative and personal - it brings varied points of view of shared human responses into focus. Loved this…even as an a-cappella it sustains itself.
permalink   Wed, Jun 10, 2009 @ 12:18 PM
Spending some time this morning re-visiting, and just had to remind you, in case you forgot, you sing like an angel! What a fantastic voice you possess — timbre, tone, timing — perfect.
permalink   Sat, Mar 20, 2010 @ 3:25 PM
This gorgeous Ciggi! Very soulful. I am enjoying listening to your vocals.
permalink   CiggiBurns Mon, Mar 22, 2010 @ 8:22 AM
Thank you, D, what a lovely surprise to find this. ‘HLIA’ is a ‘Panu’ song that he very generously let me have. xxxx