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Wed, Aug 1 11:18 AM spinmeister review of Federaton of Love (Inflatable version) by Radioontheshelf
lol :-)
Sat, Jul 21 3:25 PM spinmeister review of Mediodía azul by texasradiofish
wow - this is so cool! Thanks for including me in your jam session! I'm so glad ...
Fri, Apr 13 10:48 AM spinmeister review of Santiago by a minor theory
testing the notification system again
Wed, Nov 1 1:31 PM spinmeister review of A Dream Within A Dream by Aussens@iter
Epic and awesome!
Fri, Jun 2 8:44 AM spinmeister review of Wayfaring Stranger by texasradiofish
Brilliant detective work followed by family reunion complete with jam session o...
Sat, Jan 7 11:54 AM spinmeister review of LoveShadow - Break Free (cdk Mix) by cdk
love it! Cool work on changing the tempo compared to the original. Could be the ...
Sat, Jan 7 10:35 AM spinmeister review of Break FREE ( The Strangle Hold ) by Loveshadow
Loveshadow foreshadows Brexit?
Thu, Oct 6 12:48 PM spinmeister review of Little Mermaid by Platinum Butterfly
Brilliant! The Robot Mermaids are dancing! The increased tempo and the sonic tre...
Sat, Sep 24 11:22 AM spinmeister review of Raised Walls by Siobhan Dakay
Thoughtful and excellent production all around! -- I can imagine this as part of...
Sat, Sep 24 10:47 AM spinmeister review of Two-Minute Warning by Aussens@iter
loved the video, too - ausgezeichnet!
Sat, Sep 24 10:38 AM spinmeister review of WakeUp WakeUp (From The American Dream) by Speck
Great lyrics - excellent delivery! Totally Brilliant!
Mon, Sep 19 9:45 PM spinmeister review of One Minute Surf Boogie by texasradiofish
lol - brilliant!
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