Branching Out Secret Mixter

Reviews left by ScOmBer

Sun, Feb 11 5:25 PM ScOmBer review of November Illusion (Empty Hat Remix) by Ben Blohowiak
Thanks Ben, I agree with the others, very energetic and complex. Love it! Thanks...
Sun, Feb 11 1:45 AM ScOmBer review of We have Arrived by Hans Atom
I love this! It's like Neil Diamond got taken hostage by a pirate ship of Brit p...
Sun, Feb 11 1:41 AM ScOmBer review of Secret Sauce (Secret Mixter) by Rewob
Very euro and I love the pot bowling over onto the cooktop 1,30 secs in! Great ...
Sun, Feb 11 1:37 AM ScOmBer review of Vidian (in the house) by musikpirat
Great source list! Great work with the cut and dice! Love it!
Sun, Feb 11 1:35 AM ScOmBer review of Dada Da Doom by spinningmerkaba
What a trip!
Sun, Feb 11 1:34 AM ScOmBer review of When Snowflakes Fell And Atoms Divided by Radioontheshelf
Sun, Feb 11 1:32 AM ScOmBer review of One Love by 7OOP3D
Sun, Feb 11 1:30 AM ScOmBer review of The Past is back by Bluemillenium
As always loving your string arrangements and wide open pads!
Sun, Feb 11 1:29 AM ScOmBer review of Five Pounds of Dust by Mr_Yesterday
Was waiting for the band to come in, but in the end I was very glad they took th...
Sun, Feb 11 1:25 AM ScOmBer review of H A R I - H A R I A N by SO SHA
Love the melody, great performance
Sun, Feb 11 1:22 AM ScOmBer review of Take the Grail ft Anchor by Apoxode
Love that shakey string sound. It frames Anchors melancholy really well
Sun, Feb 11 1:20 AM ScOmBer review of Storm on the Brew ft martinsea by Apoxode
I feel the tension. Great build as the storm brews
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