Quintessential Solstice Event

Reviews left by ztutz

Thu, Jan 31 5:33 PM ztutz review of Rain Lament (Pretty Mix) by vo1k1
Very nice technical work! Beautiful.
Mon, Jan 14 8:23 PM ztutz review of Do Androids Dream Of Heaven? by synthetic1
Epic granular!
Sat, Jan 12 1:54 PM ztutz review of March (Funkenstein Monstermix) by duckett
Oh man, the only thing I can think of adding is some of fourstone's guitar funk....
Sat, Jan 12 12:52 PM ztutz review of Earth, Love, Sea by gurdonark
Hey is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of Joe's Garage by Zappa, wit...
Tue, Dec 4 10:37 PM ztutz review of La Sombra Del Amor. by Loveshadow
Where AM I? This is so unlikely for Mixter... You are so right about these a cap...
Tue, Dec 4 10:12 PM ztutz review of Bite Down Hard by Doghouse Riley
Damn. This mix is impressive. Everybody whines about the horns because everyt...
Tue, Dec 4 10:07 PM ztutz review of Moodle by gurdonark
This cracks me up. It sounds like the barnyard outside my window in the summer, ...
Tue, Dec 4 9:48 PM ztutz review of Rain Lament (Jaspertine Triste Mix) by Kaer Trouz
Beautiful guitar. Fantastic.
Tue, Dec 4 9:10 PM ztutz review of Billion by Briareus
Nice basslines - very trippy mix.
Tue, Dec 4 9:01 PM ztutz review of Trampa animal by SilviaO
Beautiful singing. I love the second verse lyrics. (Listening to cappellas on ph...
Tue, Dec 4 8:48 PM ztutz review of Male Vocal Drones (Dreampop Mix) by Patient99
This is fantastic! Thanks Mr. 99 - what a treat!
Tue, Nov 7 1:07 PM ztutz review of Hard Moon by Pitx
I really like the way the door squeak moves from being a "noise" to being a pitc...