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Sun, Sep 4 7:32 PM Z-ROX review of All I Dream by fourstones
this one is now on my playlist.
Sun, Sep 4 7:17 PM Z-ROX review of Norine session -BeBrave club mix- by CoffeeTrim
Cool track. I'd add a couple more synth riffs and a break down to spice it up. T...
Sun, Sep 4 7:10 PM Z-ROX review of Alone Inside A Dream by Sharp
very nice tune.
Fri, Aug 19 6:51 PM Z-ROX review of Up Until Now-teru-remix by teru
Simply... cool & funky.
Fri, Aug 19 6:30 PM Z-ROX review of Chuva de Estrelas by LAVOURA ELETRO
Agree. This track is totally waiting to be played with. Nice one.
Fri, Aug 19 6:13 PM Z-ROX review of CAN'T WE (REMIX) by ASHWAN
as people, we are so *censored*ing stupid. word.
Sun, Aug 7 3:53 AM Z-ROX review of HiBrid by Click
a nice interesting track. The distorted ( E piano ? ) chord at the beginning ...
Sun, Aug 7 3:34 AM Z-ROX review of Where... by teru
Everything's smooth and flowing. Fiver. Which software you are using for ...
Sun, Aug 7 3:25 AM Z-ROX review of material girl-DU-remix by deutscheunschuld
I am not much of a brass man, but the synth riff in the background totally does ...
Sun, Aug 7 2:55 AM Z-ROX review of Cuckoo (Uncappella Project) by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
simply refreshing to listen to.
Sat, Aug 6 6:46 AM Z-ROX review of Sex in the Bathroom by dreamfilter
Damn dude .... regarding the verb, you must have a big freekin' bathroom ! ...
Sat, Aug 6 6:36 AM Z-ROX review of below reverse by _ghost
....trying to figure out what part of the music is in reverse OK I got it, a...
Sat, Aug 6 6:30 AM Z-ROX review of Stranger From Below by Trifonic
I can see this track being some action game soundtrack. Dig the vox treament...
Sat, Aug 6 6:13 AM Z-ROX review of Unaffected (Below Sleepless Mix) by OakHonour
My fav moment is at 1:46.
Sat, Aug 6 6:06 AM Z-ROX review of Sound From Our Souls by Minus Kelvin
I enjoy this one as much as " flowers in January ". Everytime I p...