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Reviews left by vo1k1

Mon, Oct 31 6:20 PM vo1k1 review of Abraxas Chief of the Stars Remix by debbizo
Yes, this! Agreed on the vocal break, gorgeous surprise!
Sun, Oct 30 3:08 PM vo1k1 review of aquila by urmymuse
Yes, this! Sax and this Cocteau infused backing is unexpected and a pleasure!
Sun, Oct 30 12:05 PM vo1k1 review of So Long Since I Held You (Mix Constellations) by Bluemillenium
Nice hearing the pairing of those vocals and mix! Best!
Sun, May 8 7:26 PM vo1k1 review of Break FREE ( The Strangle Hold ) by Loveshadow
LS! Love++ Delicious! I have to put this in heavy rotation and devour!
Sat, Mar 2 9:21 AM vo1k1 review of The Haunted Hotel by SackJo22
I repeatedly listen to this, with fantastical thinking that the second chapter w...
Sat, Mar 2 9:10 AM vo1k1 review of I Have Often Told You Stories (guitar instrumental) by Ivan Chew
Wonderful. Find myself coming back for repeat listens. Love the guitar emotion a...
Tue, Feb 26 3:29 PM vo1k1 review of Aluminium Sticks (Kirkoid Mix) by Kirkoid
Very much enjoyed this listen. Inspiring usage of the samples. Inspiring.
Mon, Feb 18 4:04 PM vo1k1 review of I Am Stretched On Your Grave by Doxent Zsigmond
Fantastic. Love the atmosphere created with the source material. Envelopes and t...
Sun, Dec 16 5:54 PM vo1k1 review of i will give you delicacies ... by urmymuse
The instrumental writing is gorgeous and enveloping! Really nice. Hope you uploa...
Sat, Dec 15 1:25 PM vo1k1 review of Words of Gratitude by Abstract Audio
*Love* Listening to this put a huge smile on my face. What an awesome pleasure. ...
Thu, Dec 6 7:44 PM vo1k1 review of The ONE by Loveshadow
Just outstanding. Powerful emotionally. Production is delicious. But also agree ...
Sun, Sep 16 4:05 PM vo1k1 review of Chamán by onlymeith
So cinematic! Was first impression before reading the other reviews. This is rip...
Fri, Feb 24 9:16 PM vo1k1 review of Waiting For Deconstruction by onlymeith
L U V this. Came back to edit my review. Really into this, listening more. G...
Thu, Dec 1 1:18 PM vo1k1 review of DReam by Snowflake
Love this. Loved the way you used the ukelele as a jumping off point for some gr...
Thu, Dec 1 1:08 PM vo1k1 review of Shatterbox by Donkey Horse Mule
So ipod-able