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Reviews left by urmymuse

Sat, Jun 26 1:19 AM urmymuse review of Blistered Dogs by Fireproof_Babies
lot of strange things going on amongst the admirals lilies. Nice contrast betwe...
Thu, Jun 24 11:48 AM urmymuse review of Until You Are Home Again by jacindae
Dark, sad, end of the world. What could be better material!
Mon, Jun 21 1:36 PM urmymuse review of Treading Water (onlymeith mix) by spinningmerkaba
I can feel the hard grind of life in the music and hope and joy in the voice.ver...
Mon, Jun 21 1:20 PM urmymuse review of lyserg one by Adisa McKenzie
hypno-tastic .... in my mind .... yeah!
Mon, Jun 21 12:19 PM urmymuse review of Get It Right by Carosone
Hi Carosone, This makes me feel calm, a little ... not sad, but serious and a bi...
Sun, Jun 20 12:26 PM urmymuse review of SKiN (GiO) by Numbernaut
oooh "got the world by the throat dont know where to begin" and then BLAM. like ...
Sun, Jun 20 9:48 AM urmymuse review of When You Hold The Grooves and Let Them Into the Dark Spaces by SackJo22
very nice ambience, hypnotic delight.
Sun, Jun 20 9:26 AM urmymuse review of Prism in the Ether by Fireproof_Babies
Very pretty,almost happy feel for the most part. The guitars give a bit of bite ...
Sun, Jun 20 9:04 AM urmymuse review of To the Top of Organ Yama by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
very nice, i like the final shimmer with the drums at the end but think if they ...
Sun, Jun 20 8:58 AM urmymuse review of Bounce by DeBenedictis
Hi Lisa, interesting contrast of world views in the two vocals. Very suprising m...
Sun, Jun 20 8:43 AM urmymuse review of Yankee Bravo Junkie by simonlittlefield
ooooh like this a lot, good rock base but with pleanty of sonic interest.
Sun, Jun 20 8:31 AM urmymuse review of beatFlows by airtone
the ambieince is deligthful, very mellow
Sun, Jun 20 2:13 AM urmymuse review of Briefly, Us by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan, mys ears pricked up when i saw your tags ... i thought this is going to...
Sun, Jun 20 2:01 AM urmymuse review of Fountain - hip hop version by remaxim
I liked what you did with my sample. Cheers!
Sun, Jun 20 1:53 AM urmymuse review of Beloved (Tell Me) by Snowflake
This is stunning ...ethereal,emotional,sensuous ... stunning