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uploaded: Wed, Feb 9, 2011 @ 10:03 PM last modified: Mon, Mar 28, 2011 @ 11:46 AM  (add)
byClarence Simpson
FeaturingGuests of Nature, Abstract Audio, urmymuse, Speck, Gurdonark, Alex
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I’m late.

I really wanted to put something in for the Emergence event but real life got the best of me in January, so there was just no way for me to meet the deadline. All the same, here is my contribution.

I was a little out of my element trying to make a house track (or whatever sub-genre of house/dance this turned into). I think it may have turned out a little schizophrenic to be honest. Or, if you’re the optimistic sort, maybe “emergent” is a better word. :)

Sample thanks go out to:
- Guests of Nature: For fantastic vocal source. Loved it!
- Abstract Audio: For nice ambient breathy noises
- urmymuse: For that spacey guitar lick and solo at the end
- Speck: For an extra ambient drum beat that served as a great transition to urmymuse’s guitar stuff
- Gurdonark: For a cool spacey/sci-fi melody that was crucial to a break in the middle of the song
- Alex: For that slick little e-piano lick that I just had to stick on the end of this monster
- NASA: For some public domain recordings of launch countdowns (and Admiral Bob for the review that inspired me to add them after my original submission)

As per request for the Emergence event, this song is at 125 bpm and most of it is in the key of Amaj (F#min). Alex’s tag at the end is Amin.

Stems and MIDI included

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems

  • /Percussion.mp3 (1.56MB)
  • /Swirly_Bells.mp3 (1.83MB)
  • /Synth Swell.mp3 (1.51MB)
  • /Synth_Strings.mp3 (2.82MB)
  • /Breath_Sounds.mp3 (1.45MB)
  • /Drums-Extra.mp3 (1.47MB)
  • /Drums-Main.mp3 (3.97MB)
  • /Guitar-Acoustic.mp3 (2.29MB)
  • /NASA_Countdown_and_Radio_Chatter.mp3 (1.27MB)
  • /Bass.mp3 (1.43MB)

by Clarence Simpson

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Editorial pick

“We’re taking this to another level.” The opening line of “Spaceship” says it all.

Clarence Simpson brilliantly remixes a glorious pella from Guests of Nature and features Abstract Audio, urmymuse, Speck, Gurdonark, & Alex. “I’ve got space for you!”