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Reviews left by Subliminal

Wed, Apr 29 4:19 AM Subliminal review of Fractioned One by Speck
This is a great piece. I love the rhythms.
Mon, Apr 27 10:09 AM Subliminal review of Road to the Light by Ismail Mahmuti
A very good remix. I love how the drums sit in the rest of the music.
Mon, Apr 27 9:56 AM Subliminal review of Et demain ? by Bluemillenium
This is very beautiful and captivating. Love it.
Sun, Apr 26 10:18 PM Subliminal review of Broken by mykleanthony
This is pretty damn good. A good production, tastefully done.
Thu, Apr 23 9:07 PM Subliminal review of Good Night by Dub Alta Fidelidad
.ogg files don't play automatically. You might want to replace it with mp3.
Wed, Apr 22 9:05 PM Subliminal review of The Day We Went To Tesco's by Radioontheshelf
This is nice. I can also relate to the liking of ones own company and taking wal...
Mon, Apr 20 10:50 AM Subliminal review of Water into Wine by Ismail Mahmuti
Beautiful. A very enjoyable remix.
Sun, Apr 19 7:31 AM Subliminal review of These Days by Speck
Pretty dark. I like it.
Thu, Apr 16 8:58 PM Subliminal review of Traveling Lights by Dysfunction_AL
And you should be fond of it. This is a great piece.
Wed, Apr 15 10:45 AM Subliminal review of Medical warriors by Radioontheshelf
This is really good. As if voice and music have always belonged together.
Tue, Apr 14 10:54 AM Subliminal review of A Bead In The Cutlery Drawer by Speck
I agree. A great idea, recording and execution. I am going to add it to my todo ...
Sat, Apr 11 9:02 PM Subliminal review of MoTuWeThFrSaSo by Stefan Kartenberg
This is really good. Love it.
Sun, Apr 5 9:16 PM Subliminal review of Where Nothing Feels Wrong by spinningmerkaba
This sounds great. Thanks!
Sun, Apr 5 10:21 AM Subliminal review of Lost by x2651
An unexpected setting for this pella which works really well.
Sun, Apr 5 10:11 AM Subliminal review of Ordinary People ( Ordinary Mix ) Feat Scomber on vocals by J.Lang
This is good on so many levels. Song writing, arrangement, production. Great stu...