Break the Silence Event

Reviews left by Speck

Fri, Mar 20 6:18 AM Speck review of Ultra Lights by Stefan Kartenberg
The coolest elevator on the block.
Fri, Mar 20 6:14 AM Speck review of Ambience of Uncertainty by Javolenus
Beautifully played.
Fri, Mar 20 6:05 AM Speck review of Broken (part 2) by Subliminal
Nice dynamic mix. Very nice. (And thanks for the stems.)
Sun, Mar 15 4:19 AM Speck review of Corona Fears by Apoxode
I find this soothing.
Sat, Mar 14 12:48 PM Speck review of Little Septahelix Ditty 1 by septahelix
Always good to see more samples uploaded.
Fri, Mar 13 4:45 AM Speck review of Let's whistle by Stefan Kartenberg
Cool. That kind of sounds like a mellotron fitted with whistle tape strips. (...
Fri, Mar 13 4:18 AM Speck review of Delta Blues by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks for uploading this. I think I have some half-written blues it may inspire...
Thu, Mar 12 2:51 AM Speck review of Rainy Foss by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Simply beautiful.
Wed, Mar 11 3:26 AM Speck review of when we do by cyba
Well controlled mesmerizing progression. I like it very much.
Wed, Mar 11 3:16 AM Speck review of Archie's Top by Apoxode
Sounds and feels real nice. Smooth, clean and spacious.
Sun, Mar 8 8:44 AM Speck review of Special Frogs by septahelix
Trippily engrossing.
Sun, Mar 8 6:26 AM Speck review of Jangroove by Javolenus
Very cool groove. Great sound, copacetic mood.
Sun, Mar 8 6:15 AM Speck review of MEGAMIX - The Rebirth by coruscate
Wow, that's a really nice set. Great transitions, sensible multiformity and them...
Sun, Mar 8 5:22 AM Speck review of This is an emergency by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautifully done, message front and center.
Sat, Mar 7 3:36 AM Speck review of lohop blues by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Well conjured scene. Expressive playing. Very nice.