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Reviews left by Speck

Tue, Oct 13 3:43 AM Speck review of crash and burn by soLos
Nice one. Thanks for sharing it.
Tue, Oct 13 3:36 AM Speck review of scarey song by BeatMachine
This is an excellent mix. Great complementary sounds and a beautiful flow. Reall...
Mon, Oct 12 2:41 AM Speck review of StemsStag by MalreDeszik
Nice one. Some cool samples to explore too.
Sun, Oct 11 6:30 AM Speck review of Halloween Trap by Dysfunction_AL
Great mix. Fun right from the start.
Sun, Oct 11 4:42 AM Speck review of In With The Blue by septahelix
Excellent chill flow.
Sun, Oct 11 4:23 AM Speck review of Sunwall by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautifully done. Feels so good.
Sun, Oct 11 4:06 AM Speck review of We Are The Dead Heads by spinningmerkaba
Great concept, fantastic execution. As a life-long hippie sympathizer I approve...
Sun, Oct 11 3:24 AM Speck review of You've Lost My Everything vocals by JoeBone
Another good vocal share. Thank you. Some tips: This should have been upload...
Sat, Oct 10 3:15 AM Speck review of Sassy Pants by Apoxode
Good clean fun. I'm imagining it with some of Kara's Halloween vocalizations.
Sat, Oct 10 3:10 AM Speck review of Come and Gone by Darkroom
Damn! So very cool!
Sat, Oct 10 3:04 AM Speck review of I_rebel_-_More (instru bangcorrupt)With Beat Down(instruMartjin de boer)And Bonus track by MalreDeszik
If there's such a thing as mellow urgency you've represented it well here. Nice...
Sat, Oct 10 2:59 AM Speck review of Crawling Back To The Sea by Radioontheshelf
Gotta agree with the Admiral, great soundtrack for a melancholy autumnal ramble.
Sat, Oct 10 2:51 AM Speck review of Halloween Laughter and Sounds by Kara Square
That's a brave amount of silliness. It should be fun to play with (I predict so...
Sat, Oct 10 2:40 AM Speck review of blues bass groove by Rhonin
Nice sample share, thank you.
Fri, Oct 9 3:34 AM Speck review of Time of Terror Samples Bluemillenium (Package) by Bluemillenium
I think the mp3 has to be listed first in order for the player to work. I'm goi...