Break the Silence Event

Reviews left by Speck

Mon, Mar 30 5:03 AM Speck review of Blue Windows by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
A melancholy beauty.
Sat, Mar 28 7:51 AM Speck review of What? by texasradiofish
Very cool fusion. (And a nice stack o' wuts.)
Sat, Mar 28 7:45 AM Speck review of In Moving Light by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice mix of relaxed but still very much awake.
Thu, Mar 26 4:02 AM Speck review of Blue Window by Javolenus
This would be a good soundtrack to any of the many videos of empty streets we're...
Mon, Mar 23 5:32 AM Speck review of Don't Be Afraid by Loveshadow
An undeniably beautiful voice featured to perfection.
Mon, Mar 23 5:24 AM Speck review of Compassion by Stefan Kartenberg
You've totally matched/supported Kara's inspirational spirit here. Really strong...
Mon, Mar 23 5:18 AM Speck review of Don't Come Around (Please Stop) by Doxent Zsigmond
Great combination of samples and your piano features well. Very nice.
Sun, Mar 22 4:08 AM Speck review of The Mysterious Music by Apoxode
Clean flow, well mated sounds, cool mood. Nice one.
Sat, Mar 21 3:42 AM Speck review of Dropped Goodbye by Mr_Yesterday
I like the sort of casual earnest, naturally sweet (no artificial sweeteners) fe...
Sat, Mar 21 3:27 AM Speck review of Mind Wolf by septahelix
Funky bass driver. Very nice.
Fri, Mar 20 7:02 AM Speck review of Ambiance of Uncertainty by Whitewolf
Nice. I especially like the flute. Thanks for the stems.
Fri, Mar 20 6:49 AM Speck review of Sonatina for Piano and Cello by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Wonderful journey.
Fri, Mar 20 6:35 AM Speck review of Thunder & Rain Inst. & Construction Kits by coruscate
Nice playful flow. Well done.
Fri, Mar 20 6:27 AM Speck review of Kava Dawn by Apoxode
An interesting contrast between the restless bass and the restful mix.
Fri, Mar 20 6:18 AM Speck review of Ultra Lights by Stefan Kartenberg
The coolest elevator on the block.