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Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Sep 13 4:38 AM Speck review of We, the People by Mr_Yesterday
An excellent take on Numbers, somehow more... intimate?... raw?... thought provo...
Sun, Sep 13 4:24 AM Speck review of The Flux Capacitor by Subliminal
Wow, great mix, so thick and rich and energized. Very much enjoyed. (love th...
Sun, Sep 13 4:16 AM Speck review of Every Hair on Your Head is White by kthugha
You unearthed a good one there. And featured it well.
Sun, Sep 13 4:09 AM Speck review of Firefly by Snowflake
Very cool slinky bluesy feel to this mix. And a super tight arrangement. It st...
Sun, Sep 13 3:56 AM Speck review of Firefly in Your Head by Apoxode
Very cool mix. It would be so much fun to edit footage of fireflies to beat-ma...
Sun, Sep 13 3:44 AM Speck review of AEAEAE (Apoxode Remix) by Apoxode
Wow, you've completely re-formed the material. Quite impressive. Much enjoyed. ...
Fri, Sep 11 2:30 AM Speck review of Here comes the rain by Kraftamt
Fantastic build, and a marvellous synth showpiece.
Fri, Sep 11 2:20 AM Speck review of A Foolish Rain (Extended Mix) by Whitewolf
Clean time stretch on the vocals. And the vocals do indeed work well together. N...
Wed, Sep 9 2:12 AM Speck review of blues guitar 101 by BeatMachine
Cool blues groove. Nice set of samples.
Mon, Sep 7 5:28 AM Speck review of Timid Funk by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Also very nice.
Thu, Sep 3 2:17 AM Speck review of Spirit of 92 by Apoxode
Definitely keeping it alive. So vibrant! btw - fun fact - (which you may alre...
Tue, Sep 1 2:14 AM Speck review of 1 0 0 Million SOULS by Siobhan Dakay
Nice bright mix.
Mon, Aug 31 3:23 AM Speck review of wishing for things by kthugha
Excellent sample share.
Mon, Aug 31 3:21 AM Speck review of Coffee & Lullabies by Jeris
Beautifully done.
Sat, Aug 29 2:56 AM Speck review of Nu Lochill Proto by Apoxode
Very cool, with an antidotal simplicity. (Would also be a good backing for a...