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Reviews left by sparky

Wed, Jan 20 9:17 AM sparky review of It Always Never Ends by Speck
Thanks for this wild re-interpretation. The abstract space coupled with monologu...
Tue, Jan 19 8:59 AM sparky review of Guarded Optimism by Apoxode
Great reinvention of the source material!
Mon, Jan 18 2:16 PM sparky review of The Past Attacked by Kara Square
Great job, Kara. A heart felt message indeed. Hopefully better times lie ahead.
Fri, Jan 8 2:13 AM sparky review of It Hurts Me by Lasswell
Very tastefully done. The space you gave the vocals in the chorus adds a lot of ...
Sun, Jan 3 3:07 PM sparky review of A Billion Stars by Subliminal
Thu, Dec 17 9:10 AM sparky review of citySkies by airtone
Tasteful mix. A good demonstration of less is more.
Wed, Dec 16 11:18 AM sparky review of Severed Roots - Vocals by Kara Square
So sorry to hear of your loss, Kara.
Mon, Dec 14 3:28 AM sparky review of En Shenandoah by Down With Ben
Wonderful. The sort of bitter-sweet you can imagine being in a Toy Story movie.
Fri, Nov 27 8:50 AM sparky review of Today Is The Day by Subliminal
Great job! Immersive mix with bags of tension
Mon, Oct 19 12:37 PM sparky review of Chaos by Stefan Kartenberg
Solid. Ear candy and just motors along. Great stuff.
Mon, Oct 19 12:14 PM sparky review of Halloween Trap by Dysfunction_AL
This track is great fun. Of course with the theremin sound too 😀
Tue, Sep 15 3:07 AM sparky review of The Flux Capacitor by Subliminal
Great remix! Swirling, immense. Love it.
Fri, Aug 21 2:19 PM sparky review of Holding Tighter by Dysfunction_AL
Classy cinematic sound. Great job!
Wed, Jul 8 6:33 AM sparky review of Love is my Road (Back to You) by Siobhan Dakay
Amazing work. The chorus takes a deliciously dark turn, like some unexpected plo...
Tue, May 19 10:16 AM sparky review of Hey, Are You Here? by Kara Square
Love it. Has that bleakness of tracks from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" (in a very go...