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Reviews left by sparky

Wed, Sep 14 12:56 AM sparky review of Music (Makes Us One) by Snowflake
Great sound produced under difficult circumstances. Thanks for all your help tr...
Tue, Sep 13 2:13 AM sparky review of A L I V E (breathe in, breathe out) by @CrazyLittleAsian
I love it! Thanks for the wonderful vocals (this one and your other uploads). ...
Sun, Sep 11 1:37 AM sparky review of Horizon by 7OOP3D
Full of tension. Sounds epic šŸ‘ I especially like the bass.
Sun, Sep 11 1:25 AM sparky review of Disease by Loveshadow
Wow šŸ¤© Great reimagining of the content! Love it.
Sun, Sep 11 1:23 AM sparky review of All Human Nuddlle But NoSushi by zikweb
Love the atmos of this one
Sat, Jun 25 9:26 AM sparky review of waiting still waiting by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Quite the foreboding sound!
Mon, Jun 6 12:13 AM sparky review of C O N F (I) D E N C E by @CrazyLittleAsian
Sorry for your loss but Iā€™m very glad to hear your voice again. Finding words ...
Sun, Jun 5 11:34 PM sparky review of Straight To The Top by spinningmerkaba
Well that just motors along with bags of conviction! Wonderfully lively track
Sun, Jun 5 1:42 PM sparky review of Rest in the Garden by SackJo22
A smooth groove indeed. Very nicely done!
Sun, Jun 5 9:12 AM sparky review of Constance by zikweb
That bubbles along so nicely :) Great sound
Sun, Jun 5 9:01 AM sparky review of One Night in Cardiff Bay(DR Retro Mix) by Darkroom
Digging this. A great groove with an intimate "up close" feel to the mix's sound...
Sun, Jun 5 8:51 AM sparky review of blue heart stone by urmymuse
Those layered guitars just sound epic. Very nice work