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Reviews left by sparky

Tue, Apr 11 12:32 AM sparky review of Thriller °2 by Siobhan Dakay
Beautifully done 👌
Tue, Apr 4 2:15 AM sparky review of Her Escape by Snowflake
Classy 👌 So many little details tastefully applied.
Mon, Mar 6 11:18 AM sparky review of The day the world ended by cube3 (Sjef van Leeuwen)
Hmmm. Hadn’t expected us to face this dilemma so soon. FWIW I have no interes...
Sun, Feb 26 9:57 AM sparky review of An Hour Adrift by Ezra Skull
Great job. Love the guitar tones
Sun, Feb 26 9:12 AM sparky review of roboduck by airtone
Such a warm sound to this track. Very nicely done
Sun, Feb 26 9:02 AM sparky review of At the Mana Stadium by martinsea
Love the synth sounds - super trippy
Sun, Feb 26 8:38 AM sparky review of Morning Mysteries by Darkroom
Oh yes. Very smoooooth
Sun, Feb 26 7:40 AM sparky review of Blue Moon Perspectives by spinningmerkaba
Very tastefully done
Sun, Feb 26 1:09 AM sparky review of RUN by Ant.Survila
Epic! What an outstanding treatment of my track. The production, arrangement and...
Sun, Jan 15 7:29 AM sparky review of Fortune (Sparky Mellotron Mix) by Zenboy1955
Thanks, Zenboy! That sounds B I G ! Nice work
Fri, Dec 30 12:33 AM sparky review of Young L´Australians by Dan_Mantau
What a great vocal and remix! Bravo, love it 👏
Fri, Dec 16 3:05 AM sparky review of Let This Light Shine by Speck
Nice job! Always fun to see how things get reworked and get taken in completely ...
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