Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Snowflake

Thu, Aug 13 10:07 AM Snowflake review of Basement #8 by RUIN
wow! that track spiced up my morning coffee after yoga :) tool is my favorite...
Thu, Jul 30 11:52 PM Snowflake review of Apologize by ditto ditto
just randomly listened to this remix again tonight...this is an incredible remix...
Thu, Jul 30 9:02 PM Snowflake review of Reluctant Soldier by Briareus
i'm impressed that you heard the lyric Reluctant Soldier. that was my favorite ...
Thu, Jul 23 2:19 PM Snowflake review of Shoes by Niemandsland
like a German Tom Waits track...i dig it... ~Snowflake
Tue, Jul 21 9:41 PM Snowflake review of Dj Quenique's Make Music Not War Remix by DJ Quenique
not bad for a first remix! the bed track has some really nice elements. it may b...
Thu, Jul 16 9:41 AM Snowflake review of babylon bring me down by Tomas PhUsIoN
this is a badass remix.....i love the piano section, the effects on the vocal, t...
Mon, Jul 13 8:30 PM Snowflake review of People Let's Stop The War (hitlers and dinosaurs, too! Mix) by artemisstrong
wow....that was truly psychedelic....and i liked it :)
Tue, Jul 7 8:31 AM Snowflake review of Those Sweet Words (Universal Man Mix) by Vidian
i like the hop! is that a DX7? this tracks goes perfectly with my coffee....coul...
Mon, Jul 6 4:26 PM Snowflake review of People Let's Stop The War (Free My People Mix) by Vidian
wow. that will definitely stop the war! especially if we all drop some acid firs...
Sun, Jul 5 12:03 PM Snowflake review of Let's stop the war by ditto ditto
wow. i loved this last night when i first heard it (in my drunken stupor!)....an...
Sun, Jun 14 2:12 PM Snowflake review of George's House (Geo's Mix) by Vidian
bad ass. yep, bad ass. xxxx ~snowflake
Mon, Jun 8 12:46 PM Snowflake review of apologize (jerry club mix) by novaforma
i like the clean minimalistic approach to this...nice work!