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Reviews left by Snowflake

Fri, Jul 31 1:20 PM Snowflake review of John Lewis' Dream by Radioontheshelf
powerful tribute to a hero of a man. well done.
Fri, Jul 31 1:14 PM Snowflake review of Say Their Names Break the Silence by SackJo22
what a captivatingly emotional beginning. and then that bass drops. you need to ...
Fri, Jul 31 1:12 PM Snowflake review of Let Me Breathe Again by mykleanthony
what a powerful mixversation! beautiful and powerful.
Fri, Jul 31 1:11 PM Snowflake review of I'd Heard The Last Bird Sing by Radioontheshelf
soothing poignance. lovely.
Sun, Jul 5 9:51 AM Snowflake review of Erase Racism by J.Lang
powerful words and music for this important time of change.
Sat, Jul 4 9:01 AM Snowflake review of 8:46 (pell) by Patronski
Your words, melody and feelings behind them stirred so much in me. Iā€™m honored...
Fri, Jul 3 4:34 PM Snowflake review of I Am a Man by SackJo22
Thank you for the instrumental! Ed Picked.
Fri, Jul 3 4:27 PM Snowflake review of I Can't Breathe by Admiral Bob
Goosebumps on my second listen. Beautiful production from top to bottom, with th...
Fri, Jul 3 4:25 PM Snowflake review of Let Me Breathe by Admiral Bob
I would never know that you and Mykle didn't write this song together in the sam...
Wed, Jun 24 8:16 PM Snowflake review of Break The Silence-Be The Change Mix by J.Lang
Wow, this stripped down production is so emotional. I love your chord choices, t...
Tue, Jun 23 11:03 AM Snowflake review of Letters For Black Lives 2020 (Multiple Languages) by Letters_For_Black_Lives
Thank you for giving voice to these important discussions we need to have with o...
Tue, Jun 23 11:00 AM Snowflake review of GETATMIC - END THE the Silence ( _ NICE_ MIX by 76deep ) by 76deep
thank you for this artistic, sonic introspection.
Tue, Jun 23 10:59 AM Snowflake review of We are Them by Mr_Yesterday
Powerful, artful words and a strong, emotional vocal performance. I'd rather ima...
Mon, Jun 22 6:36 PM Snowflake review of Say Their Names by J.Lang
along with you i say their names. i pray to be better. i pray for change. thank ...
Mon, Jun 22 6:35 PM Snowflake review of Let Me Breathe by mykleanthony
your vulnerable honesty is so terribly heart-opening and the tears flow. thank y...