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Reviews left by slumberlords

Sat, Jan 19 9:49 AM slumberlords review of Never get out (World War Z RMX) by Fringe Kollective
this is awesome, powerpunk stuff! just love the analog bass, and excellent arran...
Thu, Jan 17 4:13 PM slumberlords review of PoPPing Over Here (Fusion mix) by Darkroom
i absolutely love this, the analog sounds, the bass rythm, drum rolls, changes i...
Tue, Dec 4 2:01 PM slumberlords review of Trample Malo by fourstones
the sounds are good, i like the autopan and hornz really work. the clarity of th...
Tue, Dec 4 1:54 PM slumberlords review of The Little Man by Kirkoid
I really really liked this :) unique
Mon, Nov 19 12:43 AM slumberlords review of Disco Point (why me?) by Analog By Nature
this is completely brilliant
Fri, Aug 10 5:43 AM slumberlords review of Magic in Your Eyes (Cathayist Remix) by Dan S.
the sound on this awesome. I dont know how you can make such cystal clear sounds...
Fri, Aug 10 5:37 AM slumberlords review of mikromarzenia by Click
I really like this. Simple and effective. was expecting some vocals, but its sti...
Wed, Jul 18 2:17 AM slumberlords review of Not Strong Enough- minimal by minimal_art
Im very impressed with what youve done with this..
Wed, Jul 18 2:07 AM slumberlords review of Recommencer (mosquitomix in G) by ditto ditto
pretty cool
Tue, Jun 19 1:16 AM slumberlords review of Da Funkin' Blooboyz by Opium
This is really different, and extreemly funky. Very enjoyable electronica. Only ...
Tue, Jun 19 1:09 AM slumberlords review of Start a Digital Revolution by teru
This is really chilled trip hop. Interesting throughout, couldnt stop listening....
Tue, Jun 19 1:07 AM slumberlords review of More Than Numbers by Briareus
very good, really enjoyable mix.
Sun, May 20 1:25 PM slumberlords review of One ( The J.Lang RMX ) by J.Lang
i love this, i need to learn from you. you are good. reminds me a little of o...
Thu, Mar 15 9:09 AM slumberlords review of Just One Night by ditto ditto
This is awesome, I love it.