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Reviews left by slumberlords

Tue, Feb 12 10:39 AM slumberlords review of 016 The cuckoo by frompast0
i really like this, this is classy
Thu, Feb 7 4:45 PM slumberlords review of Psionic Daydream Train (2211 Brown Line Mix) by Kaer Trouz
as usual, brilliant lyrics/songwriting and excellent arrangement on this. I love...
Thu, Feb 7 4:32 PM slumberlords review of Remixah Leejun (CC MIXTER) by Alex
mate, i love this, youve really put the PH in PHAT. Awesome!
Thu, Feb 7 4:30 PM slumberlords review of crushed by penston
This is brilliant. KH is not easy to mix. Kudos 2 U sir!! The strings on this ar...
Wed, Jan 30 5:57 PM slumberlords review of Who will close my eyes for me by kulimu
i really like this, im impressed with how loud you got this, i could never get a...
Wed, Jan 30 5:44 PM slumberlords review of freaky by vd
Wed, Jan 30 10:18 AM slumberlords review of Rain Lament (Pretty Mix) by vo1k1
i like the vocal work very much, this is very nice
Tue, Jan 29 7:48 AM slumberlords review of Santiago [Omni Vista's Midnight Mix] by Omni Vista
this is really cool, really really cool. brilliant mixing Omni. SL.
Tue, Jan 29 7:42 AM slumberlords review of August by captainbeef
Mr.Beef, you one talented bunny! I love the chord structure, i really like what ...
Tue, Jan 29 7:36 AM slumberlords review of What I gonna do (captain beef mix) by captainbeef
nice crispy clear beat and veryfunky. good stuff SL
Tue, Jan 29 7:25 AM slumberlords review of Remixah Leejun* (ccMixter) BOOTLEG reMIX by J.Lang
JL once again - excellent work, esp. good as its without the MPC! .. FUNKEE!
Mon, Jan 21 2:04 PM slumberlords review of Torque by Alex
completely differnt spin to this, I really like this - cool, minimal, funky, sop...
Mon, Jan 21 12:04 PM slumberlords review of Rise Again* The j.lang TREATMEANT by J.Lang
These are some cool chords! You really transformed this song, JLang it's masterf...
Mon, Jan 21 9:43 AM slumberlords review of Mourning Dew (Ana Dolu Mix) by Kaer Trouz
this is good! i love the lyrics. you arent just a great vocalist, you are very c...
Mon, Jan 21 9:36 AM slumberlords review of Slippershell (polite) by jaspertine
i really like this. beautifully balanced and fantastic sounds. Excellent blend o...