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Reviews left by shagrugge

Sun, Mar 9 10:15 AM shagrugge review of Otto Dangerfield 2008 - Unplugged by Alex
a unique mix concept indeed, not too many would venture into the realm of Boddyk...
Sun, Mar 9 9:54 AM shagrugge review of Pequennas Alas (PC/TA mix) by duckett
Definitely has that Phil meets Tori feel. Nice work putting this arrangement tog...
Sun, Mar 9 9:52 AM shagrugge review of Faster Than the Eye Can Perceive by DJ Rkod
inventive, adventurous, artistic, epic
Sun, Mar 9 9:44 AM shagrugge review of Diploma - Rhythm Boy Remix by rhythmboy
great dance track...has some miguel migs flavor to it. very nice.
Sun, Mar 9 9:42 AM shagrugge review of OMcraig-Ruggea by onlymeith
gorgeous piano backing and well treated vocal
Sat, Mar 8 11:15 AM shagrugge review of Sound Diary:08.03.2008 by
very interesting sound collage the clarinet is great...have you uploaded it a...
Wed, Mar 5 1:53 PM shagrugge review of Donestop ! ( The Lasswell / Shadow Mix ) by Loveshadow
it's radio ready, superb!
Tue, Mar 4 3:46 PM shagrugge review of Echo by gillies
nice laid back groove track, I see this becoming part of many a playlist.
Mon, Mar 3 8:54 PM shagrugge review of Material Girl (hard ghetto mix) by pancho_villa
love that dirty bass line
Mon, Mar 3 8:44 PM shagrugge review of Getaway - (1st verse) by teru
Nice work choppin Hepepe up. I like what you did with rslane's sax to produce a ...
Mon, Mar 3 8:42 PM shagrugge review of sleeping mary by penston
the hymn and Hersh's voice work well together but the bass guitar isn't doing it...
Mon, Mar 3 8:37 PM shagrugge review of February..and fly the gazelle by ditto ditto
Very unique blend...well mastered.
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