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Reviews left by septahelix

Mon, Oct 3 8:43 AM septahelix review of Just Simple and Dreamy Things by CSoul
really original and jammin' track CSoul!
Sat, Oct 1 11:37 AM septahelix review of Promise Galactic by texasradiofish
now that's some good fish!
Fri, Sep 30 7:39 PM septahelix review of So Chill by Speck
it reminds me of the dull routine of life, but the beauty of it all too. like a...
Fri, Sep 30 9:02 AM septahelix review of In Peace by unreal_dm
the guitar hooked me from the beginning. outstanding vocal treatment. the orga...
Thu, Sep 29 11:41 AM septahelix review of Uninhibited Movements by CSoul
truly original and fun track CSoul!
Wed, Sep 28 8:47 PM septahelix review of JAIME by BOCrew
the heavy, brooding instrumentation works wonders. debbizo sounds so awesome in...
Wed, Sep 28 8:37 PM septahelix review of Romanes eunt Domus by annabloom
perfect contribution to the tubed project. i admire how you took your style and...
Wed, Sep 28 8:32 PM septahelix review of Rooted In Peace - How Hard Is It? by Zep Hurme
love how you get such thick, rich mixes. exceptional!
Wed, Sep 28 3:22 AM septahelix review of With You There by Jeris
blown away the whole time!
Wed, Sep 28 3:13 AM septahelix review of Spanish Moss & Gator Holes with Panu by timberman
yeah, this is top shelf. very well produced. it's poppy, but powerful, and i'm...
Tue, Sep 27 10:56 AM septahelix review of In Peace by Jeris
very original, unexpected, and enjoyable. keep up the nice work Jeris!
Sat, Sep 24 7:49 PM septahelix review of Truth and Fact by copperhead
Fri, Sep 23 10:25 PM septahelix review of Virtual Land by Jeris
leza, marching snare, harp, dubstep, !?
Fri, Sep 23 10:20 PM septahelix review of Rooted In Peace by Admiral Bob
you really did it Admiral! panning organ, delicately nuanced and uplifting guit...
Fri, Sep 23 6:07 PM septahelix review of Forest Theme by Donnie Drost
this is amazing!